Marco De Vincenzo S/S 2013 Collection

Today I wanted to showcase another up and comer, Italian designer Marco de Vincenzo.  His work is an example of another designer, whom I was unfamiliar prior to this season.  However, I did do my due diligence and checked out his prior work.  I must admit I was impressed.  Vincenzo seems to have both a keen eye and skilled hand when it comes to detail work.  Interestingly the Marco de Vincenzo S/S 2013 Collection showed much more restraint, suggesting a designer who had learned to edit himself.

I am attracted to the easygoing nature of these pieces.  They looks had a ‘throw on and go’ feeling to them that spoke to spring and summers sensibilities.  The ease also added to the versatility of the pieces, for although they seem made for daywear, the right accessories could easily add up to drinks and dinner.

The knits are probably the most visually interesting elements in the collection.  The pieces have an artistic appeal to them that stretches beyond whatever trends we will season next season.  I found them very welcome detail in an otherwise subdued collection.


Your turn!  Tell me, does the Marco De Vincenzo S/S 2013 Collection charm you?  Or were you left wanting more from this Milan Fashion Week runway?


Images via / Marcus Tondo/


  1. I love looking at up and coming designers. To me, they are more interesting than the already established fashion powerhouses because they are really trying to break into the industry.
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  2. Great blog. Love your choice of styles.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love the first 2 dresses!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the loose flowy fabric! That black and white dress is especially gorgeous!

  5. I LOVE his pieces. They are so elegant. I am totally charmed.

  6. I’m a fan. I love his details and his designs. Very happy with this collection!

  7. I haven’t checked out his prior work, but I’ll have to now. I already like him! But I feel like I’m pretty easy to please…

  8. To be honest, I am not really excited about this collection. For me it’s lacking something….I am not sure what, but it just doesn’t excite me :-)

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