Rachel Zoe S/S 2013 Collection

There is something about Rachel Zoe’s designs that really speak to the way I want to dress.  Maybe it is the laid back California feel or how lifestyle ready her runway shows are styled.  Either way I am once again finding myself enamored with the stylist-turned-designer and several pieces from the Rachel Zoe S/S 2013 Collection.

As I already alluded to, there is an ease about Rachel Zoe’s collection that no matter how dramatic the pieces (and let’s be honest, orange leather pants and shimmery column skirts are inherently dramatic), comes through on the runway.  I can imagine wearing these pieces in my day-to-day life (okay, so orange isn’t the most flattering on me) without feeling like I am trying too hard.  It is this effortless feeling that helped catapult Zoe into the role of premier stylist and now garners her continued respect as a designer.

Whether purchasing Rachel Zoe or not, there are always styling lessons to be learned in her shows.  In this case, I am fond of the long lines shown in this collection.  This is an effect I look forward to recreating (postpartum) in the spring.  And knowing there will be a baby on my hip I am thankful for the idea that a little slouchy can be sophisticated as well.


Now its your turn: what are you favorite elements in the Rachel Zoe S/S 2013 Collection?


Images via Style.comFilippo Fior/GoRunway.com


  1. Loved this collection! And you’re right about there being an ease to this collection. Love the long slouchy pieces. Are they gowns or separates? Do you know?

  2. Beautiful and wearable, as usual. Rachel Zoe’s clothes are always great. Love the orange pants!

  3. Happymother says:

    Beautiful dresses and the orange color looks great!

  4. I really like her designs… I wish I were younger, although, I would def wear the orange outfit as well as the bottom 3 dresses, even now :)

  5. I love her style. Those dresses are fabulous.

  6. LOVING those blue/greys, that shimmery dress in the last pic especially, just divine!

    Have a wonderful weekend!xo

  7. the collection was so awesome because it had such great day time and night time pieces!! she definitely designs for herself too, which works so well on the runway!

  8. Even though a lot of my clients who I style in RZ complain about the designer’s lack of quality, her designs are great. :) Great coverage Alexis. hope you are well!

  9. Yes Rachel is a true fashionista, every sense of the word. She is my inspiration.

  10. I have been a fan of Rachel Zoe’s since her first collection. I did read that her brand was in some trouble but, I do hope that she will come out of it just fine.

  11. This is my favorite collection that you have posted so far! I really like every single piece you pictured, and you’re totally right when you say that there is a definite ease about these clothes.

  12. Great collection. I also love the little slouchy elements….easy to cover little extra here & there,lol. Perfect for me!

  13. This is a pretty nice collection I don’t tend to follow fashion weeks as they’re usually too fast paced and I don’t have time to keep up to date with them. I prefer to review them once the dust has settled. But this collection is really wearable unlike a lot of collections that aren’t really that ‘ready to wear’

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