Cap Toe Shoes Hysteria

My week has ended up a little crazy, so I am happy that I got to finish my fashion week coverage with the Chanel show.  But now I am moving on to the current fall season and one trend that seems to be creating mass hysteria: Cap Toe Shoes.

That’s right, whether you are in the market for flats, pumps or boots one way to increase your shoe chicness is with a little extra detailing right across the toes.  The trend, which has its roots in men’s oxford shoes, is seen all over the place and is available in everything from metallics to ornamentations to suedes and basically anything else you can imagine!

Not sure how to make the shoe your Cap Toe trend your own?  Take a look at some of these fantastic options:

The Shoe Picks:
ASOS “STATUS Pointed Wedges with Metal Toe Cap”
Jeffrey Campbell “Zorro Cap in Black/Gold”
Me Too Kim “Grey Python Cap Toe”
B Brian Atwood “Avignon Cap Toe Flats”
Chinese Laundry “Danger Zone”
Alexander Wang “Black Suede Cameron Ankle Boots”
ASOS “Lover Studded Toe Cap Ballet Flats”

Are you wearing Cap Toe Shoes?  If so, tell me!  I want to know- which do you love?  How would you style them?


  1. AAAAHAHHHHHH! Shoes have so been on my mind this week. I just bought a pair this week!!! Mine are silver pewter-ish. Love the boot with the pearl cap! Wish I could wear those without falling down!

  2. Crazy week… Understatement! AGL captoe shoes are the most comfortable things on the planet. Saved my aching feet and fit like an Italian glove. Expensive, but worth every cent when you can walk for hours and your feet don’t hurt! I highly recommend for people who have a hard time with flats not fitting properly and for those who don’t like shoes that gap at the sides. Buy them a bit snug because they stretch.

  3. The black booties with the pinky cap are gorgeous!! I was shoe shopping in Neimans the other week and two women – clad head to toe in Chanel – saw me looking at the Chanel pumps and said: “Chanel shoes are really uncomfortable. ” Ha! (I bought the YSL high sandals which BTW are the most comfortable evening shoe ever!)

  4. Ok I am in love with the black boot with the blush cap. So gorgeous!

  5. I have been seeing cap toe shoes everywhere! I don’t have a pair of cap toe shoes…yet. Those high black booties with the pink cap toe is lovely.

  6. I am still looking for the right pair. At trade shows, I’ve seen a ton of styles with a spiked or studded cap toe. The beige pumps are my favorite!

  7. Love the suede booties those are gorgeous. I would love a pair in my closet.

  8. OMG yes… want them all!
    Tobruckave Blog

  9. My favourites are the Alexander Wang ones or the nude courts. I’ve seen a lot of cap toed shoes recently also a lot embellished with spikes and studs.

  10. I like the ones with the spikes on the toe and would love a pair, but I find the hard toes just a little too hard for my taste. On te other hand they would minimize scuffing!

  11. Ooo I NEED cap toe shoes! Soo pretty :)

  12. I love these selections. I thin my favourites are the Brian Atwood and Alexander Wang styles. I do love the cap toe flats so much as well.

  13. I’m not sure why the cap toe doesn’t really catch my attention this season–maybe because I think it makes my foot look bigger, haha! They do look great on others though! I guess I’m all about solid flats and boots this year.

    xo Mary Jo

  14. I find I like certain styles of cap toes but not all of them some tend to take it too far imo

  15. Hi Alexis!

    My passion are shoes…and you’ve just fueled it that much more!
    Love the capped trend, the black boot with the pink cap is stunning!

    Loving your blog,

  16. I am not because I haven’t found a good pair but I am dying too!! there are some fun options at btw

    So I know i’ve been out of the loop for a while but I am finally back with a new blog which I hope you have the time to check out and let me know your thoughts. I changed platforms so if you’d like to keep up with my posts a follow in bloglovin would be the best :) Thanks girl!!


  17. Loving these, I am ALL about the cap toe right now! Those two snakeskin ones are my faves, just gorgeous!

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