Chanel S/S 2013 Collection

Something like 80 looks went down the Chanel S/S 2013 runway.  80.  That would be in itself impressive an impressive feat.  Even more so when you consider this isn’t Karl Lagerfeld’s only job.  After all, he also has Fendi and his more affordable line, Karl, to design.  Plus he has commercials to direct/ star in, crazy interviews to give and a talented cat named Choupette to care for.  Yes, Karl Lagerfeld is a busy man.

And I adore him.   Despite any controversy surrounding him, Lagerfeld has stayed true to himself and the labels he represents. The Chanel S/S 2013 Collection is no exception.   There is signature tweed and there are even pearls, but all with a distinct Lagerfeld twist.

For me, two of the standout elements were the voluminous sleeves and the short hemlines (a combination that always hits my sweet spot).   The sleeves were something we’ve seen recently from Lagerfeld, but the leg baring was a new direction.

The tweeds felt very soft and seemed to possess a swing to them.  It amazes me how Lagerfeld is able to constantly reimagine this fabric making it feel new again.  Even the non-tweed pieces captured my attention with sweet embroidery and other interesting detailing.

As far as accessories were concerned, the hats felt like props, but the jewelry was another story.  I can already imagine the oversized pearl trend reaching the masses.  It is sort of irreverent and chic at the same time.

Again I’ve gone on and on.  I’m sorry.  I just can’t help myself!   But now it is your turn.  What do you think of Karl Lagerfeld’s offerings in the Chanel S/S 2013 Collection?


Images via / Yannis Vlamos/


  1. You can’t go wrong with Karl and Chanel. I was also really impressed with how soft the tweed seemed for this season. Number 1 and 6 are my faves. =)

  2. I am a huge fan of the 2 designers. I love the bow on the dress!


  3. I am loving his new unstructured lines – wow it’s amazing that he’s been doing it for so long and yet comes up with new creations. And I agree _ I love my pearls in any size.

  4. I’m loving the softness of the tweeds… really loved the short dress with the flower details… really stood out to me.

  5. I love what he does with Chanel. It’s all always gorgeous.

  6. He’s such a genius, there’s no one else like him! Love so much of this collection–that second to last dress reminds me of you!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. The pearls are fantastic and again gorgeous collection especially #1 and #3. Would love to own both :-)

  8. Loved it all! But can I tell you, I would die if I had that hat witht the see thru rim. I need it.

  9. 5 + 6 are my fave! So feminine and pretty!

  10. I really adored the trim elements softer hues in this collection, the entire outfit with the tweed cropped jacket and pearl was one of many of my favourites.

  11. Great designs he really is very busy!

  12. Loving the feminine silhouette and the romanticism in the design.

  13. I love love #’s 2 & 4. The hats look as if they could serve as weapons :-)

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