Conquering Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I am having trouble getting through this week (you know those sort of weeks?!).

Often a great magazine and a glass of wine is the perfect way to unwind- alas, no wine for this pregnant lady!  But I did want to share two magazine covers that can practically do the job on their own.

One Pretty:

Lula Fall 2012. Featuring Hannah Holman photographed by Damon Heath.

And one that just makes me laugh:

Antidote #4 Fall/Winter 2012/2013.  Featuring Ginta Lapina photographed by Txema Yeste.

So, how do you conquer your Wednesdays?

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  1. Today – by staying in bed all day. Lovely pics.

  2. I know what you mean I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done. When I read it was Wednesday I had to double check doesn’t feel like it is yet! lol

  3. Yes, I could use one of these days, It’s been a great week but feel like I don’t have much time. I like the second cover actually! -xo

  4. You read my mind. I had coffee and flipped through the October Vogue (finally) this morning. I am moving slow this morning after a long long day yesterday. Thinking about lunch leftovers from my Austrian dinner (I think you would love this place) last night is my main motivator at the moment!

    p.s. Lula looks beautiful–I need to find one.

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I’ve been having one of those months! Usually I try to read or write to disconnect because it’s the things I enjoy the most. Sometimes a trip to the mall helps too.

    The second cover did make me LOL!

  6. I’ve been spray painting everything I can get my hands on in a variety of colors. (I fear the fumes may be getting to me )

  7. Haha, that second cover makes me laugh too. Happy preggers to you! <3

  8. Sigh, sometimes I just get in my bed with a bowl of ice-cream and watch television, read a book, or sleep.

  9. Loved the first one. And agree on the second one. How do I get through my Wednesdays? Normally, I’m off. Today, it took lots of forced smiles.

  10. I have a stack of magazines calling my name. Haven’t been able to hunt down an issue of Lula in way too long. The photos are so dreamy!

  11. I am so sorry you are having a tough week. Just hang in there mama <3. My Wednesday was not as productive as I wanted and that is not good sign for the rest of the week :)

  12. Wednesday was a public holiday in India – rested, made some pasta and watched a few movies. Bliss! :)

  13. Wednesdays are usually pretty good… I struggle with the Mondays 😉 and sometimes the Thursdays.

  14. Bubble bath and bubbly…Clearly I like bubbles. Ha!

  15. :-( Hope your week gets better!

  16. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Hope your week gets better, sweetie! That first cover is gorgeous, and yes, the second one… LOL! She looks like cookie monster!

  17. My kids get out early most Wednesdays, so I concour the hump by taking half a day off! It seems like I ever have the time to do much more that flip throught the mags these days.

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