Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Ever Magazine August 2012
“She Has Waited Too Long” featuring Clementine Levy photographed by Pauline Darley.

Whatever your plans for this evening, I hope you have a wonderful time.  Lukus and I will be laying low at home (I am on bedrest, which is a horror story in its own right), but are expecting some trick-or-treaters from our building.  All and all a quiet evening.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself with some last minute plans and nothing to wear, I suggest checking out the Huffington Post for a roundup of great Halloween Makeup tutorials!

Tell me, what are your plans for this All Hallow’s Eve?



Image via Fashionologie.com (check out other scary editorials here!)







  1. That is a very cool photo. I hope you feel better and get off bedrest soon. I also hope I don’t get any trick or treaters at my place because I don’t have any candy, and my dog will get freaked out by their costumes and constant doorbell ringing.

  2. I love the photo’s caption.
    We will be going trick or treating tonight :-) Some of us will be attending a play of “Of Mice & Men” this afternoon. Some of us (me 😉 will be staying home w/ Little Bit and creating the Halloween Pinata.

    Enjoy your bedrest! I did (honestly for about the first two days – then it got boring). Actually I now enjoy it more in *retrospect* lol.

  3. Beautiful image Alexis! I hope that you are feeling okay–I know bedrest can be torturous, hopefully you will be able to resume to (somewhat) normal life again soon!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Have a very happy Halloween, Alexis. Bedrest does not sound like any fun at all, but I hope you at least get some perks for the situation – maybe get caught up on reading and movie watching?

  5. That is one awesome photo! We are making red velvet cupcakes, eating candy (and handing some out to trick-or-treaters, if they show up), and watching scary movies. Also, I am wearing socks with Jack-o-Lanters and candy corn on them, which are super cute.

  6. Ill be trick or treating with the kids tonight. Can’t wait. Well, I can but I am looking forward to it. Sorry about the bed rest! I hope all is well! You must update us on Facebook.

  7. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    That photo is beautiful. Feel better soon, love! I’m glad Lukus is taking care of you!!

  8. I love the image, it’s wonderfully done. There were little trick or treaters everywhere I seem to go. I loved the children’s costumes, such fun to watch. Hope you enjoyed your low-key night and feel better very soon. xx

  9. Oh so sad to hear you’re on bedrest! Well I have some great books to recommend (Gone Girl, Shine, Shine Shine) and apparently “Call the Midwife” British series is great. Take care of yourself. (PS..that updo is gorgeous)

  10. We had very low key Halloween. Sam went trick or treating for a bit till he got tired and his leg started to hurt and teenager was running local Haunted House as part of his leadership program.

  11. This is really cool! I need to do something based around awesome makeup one year… hmmm… Take care, darlin’!

  12. I love experimental make up during Halloween. The image you chose was just perfect. I had a quiet Halloween to be honest as my gf was too busy with her studies. Maybe next year when my nephew is old enough I can take him trick or treating.

  13. That’s a cool photo!

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