Marc Jacobs Runway Beauty

There is more than fashion being showcased on the runway of any show.  There is also beauty.  Designers look to tell a story about a very specific client and often the hair and makeup is essential to creating the cohesiveness.  One particularly strong example came from this year’s S/S 2013 Marc Jacobs Runway Beauty.

The look made a definitive reference to Edie Sedgwick and other mod era styling, but was met with a contemporary freshness (keeping it out of the costume party category).

The brows were extra thick and the hair had a deep part that swept across the forehead in a slightly messy manor.  Meanwhile the face was neutral, but luminous, with an emphasis on strong, dark eyes. The lips were neutral, a look that sometimes reads dry, but again their was just enough glow to give them dimension.

I imagine giving this look a try on a night out when a red lip just won’t do.

Take a look for yourself:

Would you give this Marc Jacobs Runway Beauty look a shot?  What elements do you like/dislike about it?


Images via Filippo Fior/ edited by Alexis Grace.



  1. Happymother says:

    I like the look- Eyebrows and lips, very good combination!

  2. I like it. I always look at the makeup as art when it comes to runway and it kind of makes me pay more attention to the garment. I do like the look it gives the outfits an edge!


  3. I like the look. I tend to keep my brows on the thicker side however, I have cut all my hair off.

  4. I really love the makeup!

  5. I am torn, I do keep my brows on the thicker side, but I am not really sold on this particular look.

  6. Such fierceness in their faces…

    I like the softness in faces better 😉

  7. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    I love. love. LOVE! these makeup looks. The thick brows and dark eyeliner are so gorgeous!

  8. I love the sweeping hair across the forehead. So glam!

  9. The hair looks kinda interesting, but this isn’t a look I’d be comfortable with.

  10. I actually can’t do the red lip thing – it makes me look really old. I always do a lighter one anyway and I sure have the huge brows for this look! Marc Jacobs is my favourite, to me he’s always classic with a silly twist.

  11. I loved this particular collection especially since I wasn’t crazy about the last one with pilgrim shoes and witch hats, but this one is so commercial and to me he really went with his strengths, which is spinning vintage in a way that is totally modern and easy to wear. I think the dark brow is definitely going to be a big trend.
    xo Mary Jo

  12. The second look is just gorgeous! It definitely takes a good team to put on a fashion show, Hair, MUA, “the whole enchilada!” I hope you have a lovely weekend dear Alexis. xx

  13. I honest.y love the 1960’s nude lip, dark eyes and bouffant hair look. Sadly, it’s not for me, or at least the nude lips aren’t for me. It doesn’t matter what I do it just doesn’t look good. I like it on the models though!

  14. I like the makeup. It makes for a very determined look. I’d personally prefer a tidier hairdo, but I like the swept to the side look.

  15. I love how they did the hair, the models look amazing!

  16. The brunette’s mouth isn’t working. It’s like mine. Exceptionally small. Which just testifies to me, that not everything is for everyone…that’s why there is more than one look.

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