Chanel Resort 2013 Ad Campaign

While maternity yoga gear and hospital settings don’t exactly inspire fantastic fashion, I am still getting my fix by checking out the Resort 2013 Ad Campaigns.  After all, these campaigns tend to have an element that looks to transcend the ordinary and mundane.  And not surprisingly, the Chanel Resort 2013 Ad Campaign has magical opulence about it that is just what the doctor ordered.

The Karl Lagerfeld designed and photographed collection was originally shown at the palace of Versailles.  The photographs are a true extension of the show, a seeming ode to Marie Antoinette-era lavishness with just enough contemporary edge.  Even the background setting exudes luxury, rich with layers of gold brocade.

Beyond exuding the mood of the collection, I think this campaign does an excellent job of capturing the details.  And there are lots and lots of details!  From ruffles to pleats to accessories, Karl Lagerfeld didn’t hold back.  But let’s be honest, did any of us expect him to?


Tell me, what do you think of the Chanel Resort 2013 Ad Campaign?  Does it have you living out your fantasies of Parisian-style royalty?

Images via / courtesy of Chanel.


  1. Love all the different textures and layers of these photos. The Chanel ads are always inspiring. :-)

  2. I love the new Chanel ads. They’re so unusual, and luxurious.

  3. Je ne sais pas, mais ces annonces sont tres belles!

  4. I just want to page through a fashion mag after reading your post.

  5. I agree, sometimes campaigns are my favourite … full of inspiration! That Karl just does it all doesn’t her. I love the first image with the birdcage! :)

  6. Love the new ads. Very unique.

  7. Just looking at these ads in Elle – and loving them the magical sparkly booties. Am so happy you’re having a mind wander away from the dreaded hospital, take care of yourself now!

  8. I think Karl is a stylist before he is a designer. Regardless of the theme he chooses for his collections or campaigns, everything is thought up to the tiniest detail. There is always a story to be discovered.

  9. Great choices.

  10. The gold brocade background setting definitely adds to this Chanel campaign by Lagerfeld.

  11. And now I want to eat cake…: )

  12. Wow, such fabulous images, love these! It sounds as if congratulations are in order too!

    Have a fab weekend Alexis.

  13. Just beautiful. That’s it.

  14. so chic :-) i’ve always had a soft spot for anything brocade too.

  15. I love the campaign and I think you hit the nail on the head when you summed it up as ‘magical opulence’. Chanel and Louis Vuitton usually have the most inspiring campaigns.

  16. Love the textures, colors and feel of these photographs…awesome!

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