Cozy Sweaters

This may amaze you, but Chicago is much colder than Los Angeles.  Shocking, I know.  And with my body just 2 weeks postnatal, cozy sweaters (preferably oversized) are just what I need.  After all, who doesn’t want to be curled up in a warm chunky knit, ideally with a cup of hot cocoa, in front of a fireplace?  Okay, so that may be a bit of idealistic event (what, with a hungry infant and no fireplace), but the sweater, the sweater is a true possibility!

A cozy sweater isn’t just for those of us with post-baby body.  Frankly, it is a piece that belongs in any wardrobe!  It is truly a winter staple.  Cozy sweaters work with leggings and jeans, but can be just as easily paired with a skirt.  Making the perfect pullover a versatile winter weather necessity.

Enough talk about how to wear it, here are some options for the actual sweater:

Pim + Larkin “Dolman Cashmere Sweater”
Hive & Honey “Horizontal Stitch Dolman”
Vince “Twist Seam Crew Sweater”
Rhyme & Echo “Squaw Pullover”
Free People “Songbird Pullover”
Townsen Santa Fe “Long Sleeve Sweater”

What do you think of these options?  And how do you wear your cozy sweaters?


  1. I love it! It’s raining here today Alexis, I was looking for a sweater for my daughter to wear to school. She doesn’t have many because you know we live in LA. When I first moved here, I would buy all these winter sweater at after Christmas sales. Then I realized I didn’t really get to wear them. I love the weather but I miss really rocking winter fashions. You have to get the baby some little hats too. I am so excited to see her. You have to schedule a professional photo shoot for the baby. Oh yeah. .. LOL Great sweaters!

  2. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in cozy sweaters. I can’t wear wool, I don’t like acrylic, and I can’t afford cashmere. It doesn’t leave me many options! But I’m hoping a cozy sweater will jump out at me on sale one day soon.

  3. Loving this collection of cosy knits, great picks! And huge congratulations on the birth of your baby, how exciting!!!

  4. I definitely agree. I love a cozy sweater, especially that Dolman one.

  5. I think I live in knitwear so much. I get cold easily so I love comfy knits like these. Love the Free People style. xx

  6. Call it the “Minnesota” in me, but I’m a sucker for sweaters, always….. so I enjoy the “winter” months in LA when I can start bringing those out ;0

  7. I agree with Heather. I can’t wear acrylic. So it can be a bit more expensive to get sweaters. I bought some larger sweaters at Banana Republic recently and some maternity sweaters. I’m hoping that after I have baby (Jan) I’ll still be able to wear the sweaters without it looking horrific.

  8. I love the second in from the right. But yeah I really love cozy knits I need to get both of mine out from storage, one is a big oversized grandad style cardigan great for a replacement for a coat with lots of layers underneath. The other is a wool mix one from all saints that has a rather interesting collar.

  9. I love comfy sweater in the cold weather!! Love your choices as well!

  10. I hope you and the baby are staying nice and cozy! Sweaters are what I’m hoarding right now!

  11. I seriously couldn’t have enough of these. I could make them a uniform, happily.

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