Diane Von Furstenberg Party Dresses

One thing bed rest has taught me is how much I appreciate time with friends and family.  This is especially true as we transition into the holiday season when time togetherness becomes so central.  From here on through the New Year soirees will be thrown and togetherness will be celebrated.

But it isn’t just the socializing I love. These parties are also a great time for dressing up—and I love to dress up!  There’s nothing like the perfect outfit to get you in a celebratory mood (that and a glass of champagne…).  And who doesn’t love Diane von Furstenberg party dresses for just such an occasion?

Diane Von Furstenberg Party Dresses:
-Noemi Satin Crepe Dress
-New Cindy Sequin Dress
-Kipling Dress

These Fall 2012 DvF looks are seriously some of my favorite holiday party options.  And while each is unique in style, I love the shared neutral, yet sophisticated color palette (the dress with the sheer sections actually has a bit of shimmer to them).  The black and silver lends itself to the holiday season and additional color can easily be added if you are looking for a little extra!  (But personally I think I would stick with the black and silver motif)


So tell me, which of these Diane von Furstenberg party dresses is your favorite?  And how would you style it?




  1. Ahh, the Kipling Dress! I love it so much! I saw Diane Von Furstenberg on an episode of The Conversation on Lifetime and really enjoy her entire viewpoint on women, success, how we react to perceived failures. She’s such an inspiration!

  2. Dresses are great! I’m already looking for ideas for holiday parties and what not!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  3. So loving the black and silver. My family is taking our Christmas photos this afternoon, and I thought we might go this route. I switched it up a bit though, Cream, gold, black, and silver and lots of sparkle:) I tell you what, your blog is teaching me a thing or two about fashion:) I’ll have to send over a picture when they come in:) Be well sweet friend.

  4. Deciding what to wear to a holiday party is hard. It’s so casual here in LA. Of te ones above I lie the dress on the far right with all the ruffles. Although it doesn’t scream “holiday” I think it would be perfect for holiday parties in L A.

  5. I love the Kipling dress. I think I would wear it with loose golden belt :)

  6. DVF is one of the best to me her and Donna Karan always know how to make a woman look so good for the occasion. I love the printed version (New sequin Cindy) dress in the collection. I too have been hanging with friends and family lately during my short holiday, it is great to have togetherness. xo

  7. You can never ever go wrong with DVF, I am coveting her hand bags now!

  8. I love finding fantastic dresses for the Holidays. These are gorgeous!

  9. I love her dresses. They always fit so well! I am crushing on the first two!

  10. The third dress . . Kipling with a pair of 5 inch heels = awesome.

  11. I’m a huge dvf fan Alexis. I used to have one of her dresses for every day of the week–I saw one at fashion night out that I have been thinking of ever since–you’re inspiring me to go revisit that. Hope you are feeling okay and I’m sure you’ll be fitting into a dvf dress in no time after your baby!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. I need a DvF dress in my wardrobe. :) I like the one in the middle.

  13. Cute, although I like my party looks to pop a little bit more. More color, interesting accessories, etc. But DVF definitely has its place in my closet! :)

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

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