Unveiled: Vogue Espana December 2012

Love her or hate her, there is no question- Kate Moss has had an impressive modeling career.  And when you put her in front of the lens of venerated photographer Mario Testino magic is bound to happen.  Or at least that is the case of the Vogue Espana December 2012 cover.

There really is something about a great magazine cover.  Beyond selling me the magazine, I just love the artistry in them.  A tight beauty shot cover can go one of two ways: completely boring or absolutely breathtaking.   This photo falls into the latter category, don’t you think?


And I have to say— the veil plays a huge part in it!  Without taking away from Kate’s face, the veil provides a level of intrigue.  I find myself wondering about the story being told, and I am curious to learn more!

I feel like this is not your typical December cover, but for me it was a welcome change from the seasonal and extremely bold looks.  There is a softness about it- from the photo to the type colors that I welcome.

Tell me, what do you think of the Vogue Espana December 2012 cover?  Do you have a favorite current magazine cover?


P.S. Funny enough— the last time I spoke about Kate Moss there was a veil involved as well!


Cover photo via Fashionologie.com



  1. I love Kate Moss, she has such a striking look! And styling is everything for photos, so yes I like it!

  2. Breathtaking indeed…It’s rare I don’t love a shot of her!

  3. I think the cover plays a huge part. A lot of the time it can be the deciding factor if someone should buy it or not. I personally think this cover is gorgeous and it makes me wonder what the rest of the photographs of her look like!

  4. I will never tire of her face–she has always captivated me and still does. Love this color green too–just lovely. Hope all is well with you and your new baby!
    xo Mary Jo

  5. Love love love that cover shot!

  6. I’m on the “love her” side for Kate Moss. I think she has amazing facial features and is a talented model. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the veil- so right about the level of intrigue whilst showcasing her beauty!

  7. I miss the time when there were models on the covers of magazines. It’s not the same with the celebrities. They’re never as evocative. Kate moss is the only model they use on covers anymore, and ever time I love it. Remember the September American vogue two years ago with her on the cover? I thought the magazine was boring but I loved the cover!

  8. I love the cover. I find her very intriguing in most of her shots :)

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