Wish List: Gemma Redux Necklace

Today’s post is all about the Gemma Redux “Mixed Metal Necklace.”

“Why,” you ask.

Ultimately because I am an avid online shopper.   A lot of that is window-shopping because I do have a budget that I respect and stick to (3 cheers to fiscal responsibility!).  Don’t judge me- there are definitely worse hobbies out there.

One of the drawbacks of this hobby is the list of items being added to my wish list, which adds up to a very full folder on my desktop aptly named “wish list.”  Of course this is only a drawback if I don’t share some of my favorites with you!

So without further ado- my current necklace obsession and the first of the NoH Wish List series (yes, this is a new series!):

Gemma Redux “Mixed Metal Necklace”

Why I love it:
I am all about mixed metals.  The necklace also strikes one of my favorite balances between tough and soft, as the Swarovski crystals find their home between the chaotic chains.

How I would wear it:
I would turn one of my many black dresses into a holiday look by pairing this necklace with it.


Now it’s your turn- do you think this necklace is wish list worthy? How would you wear the Gemma Redux “Mixed Metal Necklace”?



  1. This necklace is for sure wishlist worthy! I’m loving the mixed metals and the way it drapes.

  2. Such a pretty necklace — I think that could work as an everyday statement necklace too :)

  3. Its stunning and you can wear it with so many things!

  4. I’ve been loving this style for a little while, now. Still haven’t made the purchase, though. Love the use of texture and metals.

  5. Haha, yes there are definitely worse hobbies out there. I actually love unique pieces. I have quite a lot of mixed metal jewellery, and love this piece you selected here.

  6. The beauty of wish lists is they are so personal. Jewelry is nice because if it of good quality you will wear it for years, store it, then bring it back when it’s in fashion again. The necklace isn’t “me” but if you love it that’s all that matters!

  7. It’s beautiful because it’s such a striking mixture. I have my own strict sense of “fashion” and would wear it with whatever I fancied – from that black dress to levis and boots :-)

  8. Ummmmmm yeah…I would wear that bad boy with everything! Ha!

  9. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Such a cool funky necklace! As an avid online window shopper myself, I’m super excited for this series!!

  10. We grew up with the saying of not mixing gold and silver but I LOVE this necklace. Cast off the old ways, this is so elegant and cool!

  11. Definitely wish list worthy I love the chunkiness of it all and the crystals are a great finishing touch. I should really start a wish list on Pinterest tbh…

  12. Absolutely! It is gorgeous :)

  13. OMG how could you even think this necklace isnt “WISH LIST” worthy… I am actually proud of your self control!

    Paired with a dressy LBD or a t-shirt and jeans; this necklace will be the statement piece of any outfit!

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