More Changes For 2012…

2012 has proven a pretty insane year in my life.

For those of you keeping track, let me recap:
– Lukus got a new job
– Moved from LA to Chicago
– Found out we were expecting
– Had a preemie/NICU (but very healthy!) baby

And now?

Now we are moving out of Chicago.

That’s right.  We only got to enjoy 7 ½ months here, but now we are moving again.

Let me say, I have really loved this city and am sorry that I didn’t get to take a greater advantage of it.

So where am I off to next?

Well the short-term answer is Atlanta (where I grew up!).  I am very excited about spending time with the family- especially now that I have my own little girl!

I am looking forward to sharing more of the chic, the fulfilling and the audacious here on North On Harper and I hope you will join me into this next phase…


  1. How exciting! For some reason I must have forgotten that you grew up in Atlanta. I’ve only been there a few times and loved that place. Wishing you the best dear! xx

  2. Oh wow! Another big move! But this one will put you with your family & at the perfect time too!

  3. Wow – so many changes. Hang in there. I hope the move goes smoothly and that Atlanta treats you and your family very well!

  4. Being near family is so nice when you have little ones. And I’m sure the weather in Chicago is killer! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Atlanta!

  5. Welcome back to the South! I had no idea you were from Georgia! My family is what brought me back to Kentucky after being away for 29 years; I also have family in Virginia and Florida, as well as Kansas (which isn’t the South, but I can’t leave my family there out).

  6. Happy Aunt says:

    I, for one, so look forward to your move to Atlanta!! You will have built-in babysitters while you work on North On Harper!

  7. Hope your move goes smoothly :)

  8. How exciting! It will be so nice for you and Salem to have family help & support (and Lukus of course):)

  9. How exciting! Especially that it’s the town you grew up in. Enjoy your new adventure!

  10. 2012 sounds like it’s been a wonderful year for you. I like Chicago but I like Atlanta better. I think that’s a great decision.

  11. Woah! I thought your husband was in the hotel business and he was moving to different hotel locations. What an exciting life you guys are living!! Not to the ATL, you would love the hospitality in ATL. Phipps plaza will be your mall of choice. Trust me, I know these things. It seems like you were just blogging about how you were trying to adjust to the move and getting everything organized. Now with a new baby? Woah! Take deep breathes and lots of baby picture.

  12. Wow!! You have a lot on your plate there! We are headed to Chicago possibly in January.

  13. You had the baby? Have I been away that long??? Now I have to scroll down! Well belated congrats and how wonderful that you are returning to your family and where you grew up. It will really mean something special now you have a baby and life will be so much sweeter

  14. Woah! You weren’t kidding about making a lot of changes! Congrats…? :) I think it sounds like a wonderful and exciting adventure! Best of luck, darling!

  15. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    I’m with Madison — I always forget that you’re from Atlanta! You seem like such a West Coast (or even East Coast) gal. I’m super excited for you that you’ll get to be closer to family. Moves and changes are always hard, but worth it in the end. I think you know that I know this! 😉 I look forward to hearing more about your new adventures!!

  16. Good luck with the move to ATL, I’m sure you’ll enjoy swapping the warmer weather for the cold of Chicago.

  17. Thats wonderful!! Being by family is so important when you have a little one! I am so happy for you!

  18. Good luck on the upcoming move this week…. What a year for you girl!!! xoxox

  19. its definitely been a crazy year… wishing you the best with the move!

  20. Lots of changes for you! Fun!
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