Wish List: Parker Sequin Open Back Dress

I am always on the hunt for the perfect holiday dress.  Be it a swanky Christmas party or the requisite New Year’s Eve dress, this is the season for a memorable dress.  And with that, let me share my latest Wish List item, the Holiday Dress, specifically, the Parker “Sequin Open Back Dress.

Holiday dress

Why do I love this dress?  Well, isn’t it obvious?!  If not allow me to count the ways…


First off, this isn’t the typical black, gold or silver (not that there is anything wrong with that- I love those colors).  The teal feels seasonal, yet still unique.  And the black beading adds depth.

I also like the cut.  This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned loving a long sleeved, short hemline number.  But what makes this piece especially interesting is the open back.  The surprise of it adds style and allure to the dress.

Finally, I am all about the dropped waist.  That, combined with the beading gives a vintage appeal to this utterly modern look.


Now that I’ve shared my favorite holiday dress look, tell me- what’s your Holiday Dress Wish List look?


  1. I Love this dress, although at my age (with the figure I have :) I would wear it as a blouse with pants or a skirt! The colour is very me!

  2. I really don’t have one as I’m staying in this year…except for NYE! This is a cute dress although I have too much body for it LOL!

  3. That certainly is a dress to remember I love the back it’s very dramatic!

  4. That dress would look amazing on you! It would be hard for me to wear because that sexy low back means no bra, and I just can’t do no bra. I find it really uncomfortable.

  5. I could definitely see you working that dress!!

  6. What a gorgeous dress and I can even picture you in that dress …. it is you, Alexis :)

  7. Great pick!!!! I love this dress. It’s super sexy!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  8. I think this dress is gorgeous, I’m a fan of drop-waist/ and backless styles as well. The colour is really pretty, I can see why you love it! :)

  9. Alexis this is a nice dress. I envision it with a Gucci Gladiator style boot from fall 2011. With short hair or an updo. Cute!

  10. I think the short hem line and open back is a really sexy look. But a bit different to what you’d typically consider ‘sexy’. I think it would look great on the right person, it’s a fantastic choice.

  11. Love your pick Alexis! Originally I though I wanted a beaded/sequined lbd, but ended up finding a tux jacket that I fell in love with, so my dress will be a Rebecca Taylor affair I bought in the fall and have barely worn :) + the tux for January.

    xo Mary Jo

  12. Not five minutes ago was I showing my husband an open back dress. I would love a long one.

  13. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    I love dresses with backs like this, but I have NO idea how I would wear them and also wear a bra. Because, let’s face it, I can’t leave the house without one. I wonder if those adhesive cups work!? It’s super sexy, though. Sigh!

  14. Wow! That is one hot dress. Now. On to figuring out how to get my legs in that one. . . .

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