BSBN Beauty Box Exchange & Review

One of my favorite things about blogging is developing new relationships.  And I have been lucky enough to get to know several other bloggers both in person and via social media.

Among these relationships is the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Network made up of several other bloggers predominately in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle niches.  The group was founded by Toni of Girl’s Best Friend and Co and has been a great supportive network of bloggers.

So why am I sharing all this (I mean beyond the obvious well-deserved shout out)?  Well, today I am partaking in a BSBN Event: the Beauty Box Exchange.  The event asked members of the group to send each other beloved beauty items, and in exchange they would receive items and write a review on them.

Toni actually sent my beauty items- and she really sent the good stuff!


I received two items in a cute M.A.C. black and pink gift bag.  It contained: the M.A.C. 252 Large Shader Brush and Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Indigo Ink.

Here are my thoughts:

M.A.C. 252 Large Shader Brush:: This is a fantastic eye shadow brush.  I like the amount of coverage I can get over my lid, while still being able to get pretty detailed control.  This brush is strong enough to support cream shadows, but also works great with powders.  I’ve also read that it is popular as a concealer brush, and I can completely imagine it being used to cover up dark circles.

Smashbox Bionic Mascara in Indigo Ink::  I’ve actually been blessed with pretty full eyelashes, which can make buying mascara challenging.  The mascara is great for creating a full lashed look.It is important tocheck the brush before applying to avoid any clumping.  Also, the color was a nice change to my typical jet black.


So, there’s my review!  Do you use either of these products?  What are your thoughts?


OH!  And check out the items I sent to Zhanna of Life and Bows!  I call it the “Fresh Face Beauty Box”  (featuring items for a fresh face or great for prepping for a made up look…)

Here’s a list of all the Beauty Box Exchange Participants:

Toni of Girl’s Best Friend And Co.
Zhanna of Life And Bows
Crystal of The Crystal Chronicles
Rebecca of A Day In The Life Of…Me
Courtnee of Call Her Courtnee
Jamie of Minnesota Girl In LA
Brittany of Suburb Chic
Ashley of Beauty Flawed
Dacy of Dollish Darling


  1. What a lovely idea. I have never heard of that make of ‘make-up products. Good review.

  2. Awesome box Alexis, she really did send the goods! :) I have never tried the indigo ink color from Smashbox I’ll have to give it a look next time I’m out it does sound like a fun change up of color without being too drastic.

  3. I need that brush. It’s good to know what I’m looking for.

  4. Alexis that brush is my all time favorite! I hope you can develop a fun look with the indigo mascara. I love this…

  5. That brush looks like it would be perfect for applying concealer. And I’m sure it’s very high quality.

  6. Alexis,

    Your Mac gift bag is crazy cute. I think I need a good brush for applying shadows will def check out this Mac one. Do you ever use eyelash curlers?


  7. Ooh, lookit those fun mac goodies… =) I need to visit there sometime.

  8. Sounds like such a great concept! I recently bought new brushes, and definitely think they’re great gifts. I’ll have to check out the other links of the bloggers that I don’t already know. Have a lovely week. :)

  9. I never tried anything from Smashbox or M.A.C , but I will be on lookout for indigo ink mascara :)

  10. Sounds like a fun project! Love Mac!!! I use it everyday:)

  11. Ooo, I’m crushing on that bag. I would have definitely taken the bow off, added a clip to it, and put it in my hair. I’ve never tried any smashbox products and I’ve only had one MAC eyeshadow ever! I like your reviews, though! It’s nice to see a review from someone with full eyelashes. Having super full eyelashes does make it hard to pick a good mascara!

  12. I love the MAC brush! It truly is very durable. I have one that I have had since high school! Great stuff!

    <3, Crystal

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