February 2013 Vogue Australia

Atlanta was nice and warm all weekend.  I am talking 70*s – perfect for taking the baby out in the stroller, playing outside and even for some bare legs.  I really loved the weather and it definitely had me missing Southern California.  In reality I know it is going to get cool again.  It is still winter after all.  Fortunately, the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying summer right now, meaning I can continue to get my hot fix vicariously!

The February 2013 Vogue Australia cover features Naomi Watts photographed by Will Davidson.  And this is one pretty summer magazine cover!  Typically I am not much of a fan of actresses covering magazines (see my thoughts here), but there is a graceful ease to Watts in this photo that I find evocative.  It is bright and fresh and natural.  Above all else it makes it feel sunny and 70*s all the time!

February 2012 Vogue Australia

Of course, that is just my take on it!  What do you think of the February 2013 Vogue Australia  cover?  And, more importantly, how was your weekend?  Was it warm where you are?

Image via Fashionologie.com.


  1. Happymother says:

    Well, in Germany it’s snowing and -6 degrees Celcius. But we had a fun weekend,Cinema with our kids and we had friends at home.
    The cover is beautiful, I really like this green on her.

  2. It’s so nice that you had great weather. I’m not the biggest Watts fan, but she looks great and the cover is gorgeous. I just love the volume and the colour of the dress. xo :)

  3. I really like that vogue cover. The colors are nice to the eye.

  4. Love the cover! The colors are calling out SPRING to me. Though. . .I love the cold. So I’m not that anxious to say good bye to winter. The weather hear has been warm, though from Christmas until present it has been quite cold and rainy. For Houstonians that is 50 degree weather. Not as cold as where you live, but I’ll take it:) Soup weather. Yum.

  5. That’s a beautiful cover! We are having some really cold weather right now and I would love little sunshine so it can melt my ice ring of a driveway :)

  6. she always looks amazing!!! i love the colors that they used for this image!!!

  7. It’s still winter here and I’m afraid spring won’t arrive any time soon. I love the cover! So fresh, vibrant, summery! And of course, it’s Naomi and that Gucci dress! Speaking of Naomi, she was my favourite on the Golden Globes red carpet. She was glowing!

  8. Yes, but Atlanta often times have nice sunny days, even in winter. If it becomes a little nippy find a nice colorful sweater to brighten your day.

  9. It’s been pretty cold here. Glad you’ve been enjoying some nice strolls with the baby! As for the cover, I love it!

  10. I think the cover is lovely, depicting a really beautiful woman in a stunning emerald green (the new season colour) outfit.
    The weather in the UK is freezing at the moment and we are expecting lots of snow – the snow I don’t mind because I want to make a lovely HUGE snowman dressed in my own designer hand-made scarf and beret :)

  11. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    Such a gorgeous cover! It was nice here in LA too, but the city misses you! I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you in Atlanta.

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