Valentino Spring 2013 Couture Collection

If you thought I’d shared the last of my Couture coverage you are wrong.  Be glad.  Because while the Valentino Spring 2013 Couture Collection doesn’t have the secret garden of Dior or the enchanted forest of Chanel, it is stunning.  And it is truly a couture collection- full of intricate handwork on a grand imaginative scale.  If you like your couture with a dash of fantasy, this collection has it!

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the pair behind the Valentino label, are proving ‘two heads are better than one’ with beautiful piping, layers of organza and detailed embroidery—just to mention a few of the details seen in the collection.

In fact, there was so much overwhelming beauty, I realized I was holding my breath part way through the slide show!  Fortunately the detailed work was met with some structured pieces that offered balance to the otherwise delicate collection.  Additionally, while the color scheme was subdued with silvers, whites and blacks, there were still bright pops of Valentino red that almost acted as a palate cleanser to all of the soft perfection.

And now, for a taste of the collection (and let me tell you— I had a hard time narrowing down a few pieces to share!):

Valentino Spring 2013 Couture Collection 1






Valentino Spring 2013 Couture Collection 8

Tell me (especially those of you who aren’t typically Valentino fans!!!), how do you feel about the Valentino Spring 2013 Couture Collection?


Images via / Marcus Tondo


  1. I like when you view a collection and it’s a bit difficult to narrow down such beauties. I must say there all wonderful, but my favourite is the first one. I’d love to wear that! #2 is up my ally as well! :)

  2. I always love the element of romanticism in Valentino.

  3. I was so in love with the second look!

  4. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always wonder what kinds of designs they said “no” to. There must be some really good ones that don’t make the cut.

  5. Oh man! I thought I knew my favorite as soon as I laid eyes on the first dress…. but the eye candy just kept rolling as I scrolled. What an amazing collection. Every single piece is magnificent and demanding of attention. Hmm the red lace? Or the top one?

  6. I have always loved Valentino, so no complaint from me. I’m so glad that the new 2 new (er) designers are modernizing but still keeping the feel–no one makes prettier dresses than Valentino! Love that second one–I had pulled it as a tear sheet as soon as I saw it in the Valentino ad.
    Gorgeous picks!
    xo Mary Jo

  7. I must say I love that knee-length red cape-dress.

  8. Wow, there are some gorgeous looks in this collection. Just stunning!

  9. Beautiful all! The red cape dress especially.

  10. That red makes me daydream!!!! Love it!

  11. The second black dress. Has me breathless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dress quite so fine.

  12. Gorgeous collection. The last black lace dress is what couture dreams are made of!


  13. I too am in love with the second one, which is prettier and more elegant than a Dolce and Gabbana but has that young rich Mafia widow look about it. The red is stunning – what a talented designer.

  14. The red cape dress is perfection.

  15. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    These gowns are so incredibly gorgeous!! They make me want to go to a fancy ball!

  16. Thanks for posting this as I don’t really go looking for the couture collections. I absolutely love the red dress in the middle with the cape, I think that’s my favourite out of them all. I prefer this collection to the Chanel one but Dior is still my favourite.

  17. Every piece you picked has an air of romance about it but the last red dress is definitely my favorite!!

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