Chanel Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

Chanel Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

Things have been a little crazy here… but that’s okay.  It is just all part of life’s shifts.  In fact I have decided to see the beauty in the mess… kind of like this Chanel Spring 2013 Ad!

This ad, shot by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld himself, is just so much fun.  It reminds me of getting ready for a night out with girl friends (you know, pre-little one and if I owned a ton of Chanel goodness!).

Seriously though, I can’t begin to count the number of times things were strewn about as I looked for the perfect ensemble for the evening activities.  These nights always held so much anticipation and adventure.  Kind of like my life now…

…Yep, the craziness at home has just gotten started.  And I can’t wait to share the details with you!

But not quite yet (still a couple details to figure out)…


In the meantime I want to know your thoughts:  What do you think of this Chanel Spring 2013 Ad Campaign?





  1. Honestly, I’m a bit of a neat freak so my place doesn’t really look like this, except when I’m cleaning out my closet like I did last week. It looked just like this ad campaign. The ad is pretty cute by the way.

  2. This ad feels like my life every morning and every time I have an event to go to. Except sans Chanel.
    :) I can’t wait to hear the craziness details!

  3. That looks like my room but much less glamorous… Haha!!!

  4. What a cute idea for an ad! That said, the room in the ad doesn’t look very lived in to me. Needs to be some framed pictures on the wall, a stack of mail on top of the desk, a large houseplant . . .something to make it not feel like a department store changing room!

  5. Crazy busy can be fun, lol, well sometimes. But, most of all in the midst of chaos I can always assure you that something marvellous will come out of it, at least that’s what happens whenever things are all over the place. But, I like things in order so my personal and work space isn’t this way. But, the creative space on the other hand is pure artistic chaos in it’s finest form, haha! Happy Monday dear. Looking forward to your inside details. xx/Madsion

  6. I like it, this reminds me of my bedroom everyday…trying to figure out what to wear, minus the chanel stuff! haha
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  7. I love the messy natural style. It has a touch of retro and a touch of adventure. Makes me curious and excited.

  8. I love it …. it’s my life – organized chaos :)

  9. I think the ad is very relatable. We’re human. We’re messy, and not everything has a neat or orderly place. Like it because it’s my life 😉

  10. I think it’s great that you are seeing the beauty in the mess. I would expect nothing less than a mess with a new baby around, and you have the best attitude about it!

    I really like this Chanel ad. I love that desk overflowing with accessories and those chairs are gorgeous. I want to to put this ad in my closet.

  11. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    I’m in suspense! I so wanna know what’s going on! And this ad is awesome. Such a fun idea :)

  12. Yes…. I can see the beauty in all that mess. It shows me someone has a life!!

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