Giles Fall 2013 Collection

Sometimes you just need a little drama in your life (Okay, maybe it is just that my life is full of drama lately and I am ready to embrace it even within my clothing!).  Either way that is exactly what we got from the Giles Fall 2013 Collection.  Designer Giles Deacon doesn’t shy away from his grand perspectives and always seems to put on a show with his collections.  And fortunately for his audience this season was no exception.

There was volume, there was color, there was print and there was detailing.  Perhaps the most decadent element was the gold work that showed up not only in metal adornments and what looked like gold leafing, but also in full dress that were further accented by laser cutting.  Yes, Deacon did not hold back.

But don’t worry, the ornate detailing didn’t mean Deacon was taking himself too seriously!  Dresses were paired with chunky knit hats and the models had a somewhat unkempt look about them.  This felt somewhat tongue and cheek and completely true to his somewhat eccentric take on glamour.

Giles Fall 2013 1

Giles Fall 2013 2

Giles Fall 2013 3

Giles Fall 2013 4

Giles Fall 2013 5

Giles Fall 2013 6

What do you think of the Giles Fall 2013 Collection?  What kind of woman do you imagine wearing these clothes?  Do you appreciate the wit or is it all just too absurd for you?


Images via / Filippo Fior / GoRunway / InDigital



  1. Happymother says:

    I like the second and the third dress. The third dress would look very good on Angelina Jolie or Jessica Biel!

  2. Honestly, I could see myself in just about all of them. On the right occasion. Less the crazy make-up and knit crazy hat. And the hair, maybe not so fa la la. And probably not the first dress, or the pink silky one, too unforgiving, but all the rest. . . .I’d so wear them.

    And oh! your drama. . .that is what makes life interesting. . .oh the stories you’ll tell your grandkids:)

  3. Love that top dress. Sadly I used to suit high necklines but can’t do them anymore (I feel bad about my neck and high necklines strangely only emphasise that ) though I think these are all gorgeous. The bottom one reminds me of a more beautiful verison of a pink puffball and paint splattered dress I had at Uni in the Eighties.

  4. Oh my…. those puffy sleeves!

    I especially enjoy the last dress. Those gold accents really give the spark it needs.

  5. Even though I do love Giles and appreciate the designs, it’s not specifically me, but my friend Zoe is totally this customer. Although, I do love that print of the last dress! Fashion is fun, right! :-)

  6. I sure could use a little DRAMA in my life right now….. Winter Blues her in Pa! My best pick is the all gold dress, I just think I would like it even better on a model with dark hair

  7. First of all, I love the way you described this collection. It’s so eloquently written. Second of all, I agree with your description 100%. This whole collection is amazing.

  8. Dramatic indeed but the models look gorgeous! A very bold yet chic collection.

    xo Yamari

  9. It’s dramatic for sure! I talked about the pink lips from Giles’ spring collection in my Trendy Thursday post today!

  10. I like the unkempt hair mixed with the tailored dresses.

  11. I love this collection. I think this is my favorite collection I have seen you post, possibly ever. I love the slightly messy and almost grungy styling of the models, and the garments compliment that look absolutely beautifully. Love it!

  12. I like the first dress but the others leave me somewhat underwhelmed. Still, it’s always fun to see the new things the designers dream up!

  13. I love the second dress with the gold fringing, I usually really like the Giles collection, this does look a little more sophisticated than usual for him.

  14. I didn’t catch this show so it was nice to see a recap here. I think you’re right, it takes a dramatic woman to pull these off. They’re not my style but I can see them looking great on the right person.

    xo Mary Jo

  15. Love it! What is life without drama? Boring… I enjoyed the drama. I always do.

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