Jill Stuart Fall 2013 Collection

The Jill Stuart Fall 2013 Collection continues the maturation we saw from the designer last season.

Yes, there is still a girlie feel to the collection.  But this girl has a career, pays her bills & her dues and doesn’t need her friends to approve of her every decision.

Jill Stuart Fall 2013 (1)

Jill Stuart Fall 2013 (2)

In the evolution that is Jill Stuart, there is a definite shift to include more tailored pieces.  I am by no means complaining- especially when it comes to either of the above jackets.  As for the cropped military jacket and slim pants?  Yes.  This look exudes such strength.  This is a woman to be reckoned with.

Jill Stuart Fall 2013 (3)

Jill Stuart Fall 2013 (4)

Of course it isn’t a Jill Stuart show without a party dress.  Fun and flirty seemed the theme.  My favorite from this category is the red number.  I love the sheer detailing, which is balanced out by the otherwise demure silhouette.

Jill Stuart Fall 2013 (5)

Jill Stuart Fall 2013 (6)

Okay… I confess, I am not completely clear on how the effect was achieved in these pieces (ahhh—that’s what I get for not attending the shows this season!), but whatever it is I like it!  Like the red dress above, the looks balance the sensual with the conservative.  And like the first two looks, the lines create a real sense of strength.


So that was my take on the Jill Stuart Fall 2013 Collection!  What are your thoughts?


Images via Style.com / Alessandro Viero/ InDigital/ GoRunway




  1. That first look is so playful and chic!

  2. I think you would look great in her stuff Alexis. I always love her sensibility, it’s so defined and I definitely think she’s the best designer for petites out there.

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I love that this is not such a minimalist collection!

  4. I really enjoy this collection especially that red dress!

  5. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the red dress. Love it.

  6. These are wonderful! Always such a nice collection from her. I think my favourites are #2, and the last style I would definitely wear! :)

  7. Of all of them, the red dress is my favorite!!!

  8. The red dress really caught my eye. This collection is edgy and mature. Perfect for the working woman with style.

  9. I love the red and the last one. {And honestly, looking at the model’s legs, I’m kicking myself at not having hit the treadmill harder the past few months 😉

  10. This is such a beautiful grown up collection. I love it. The fabric of those pants!

  11. Really beautiful! I like the sheer aspects of the clothing, it’s sexy without being too sexy!

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