Missoni Fall 2013 Collection

The shows have been in Milan for almost a week and for me one of the most unexpected runways was the Missoni Fall 2013 Collection.  I wondered how the show would play out give the turmoil in the Missoni family following the disappearance of CEO Vittorio Missoni.  But designer Angela Missoni was able to keep things together, and produced a fresh collection for a label rooted in traditions.

Missoni Fall 2013 1

Structure was replaced by a soft lounge feel— complete with long robs, silk pants and cozy knits.

Missoni Fall 2013 2

Sheer detailing and patchwork fishnets added another element to the looks giving them a fresh, youthful perspective.

Missoni Fall 2013 3

Even the more formal pieces communicated an ease as the signature Missoni knits were woven in blacks another tonal palates.

I really like how comfy all of these pieces look.  Perfect for fall, the collection leaves me wanting to snuggle up!  And, while there are many techniques employed throughout the show, it didn’t overwhelm.  The traditional Missoni weaves felt reimagined and above all contemporary—a term I don’t usually associate with the label.


Of course this is just my impression.  What do you think of the Missoni Fall 2013 Collection?  Would you cuddle up in these Italian wares?



Images via Style.com / Marcus Tondo / Go Runway /In Digital



  1. I agree, quite relaxed approach to the collection. I love the easy style of the third look from the first set, my favourite. Hope you’re doing well. xo/Madison

  2. They look perfect for Fall and are just so pretty. Love how they use that traditional zig zag without overwhelming the piece. I am stalking a long blue summer dress at the moment but it’s just too pricey to contemplate. I suppose with Missoni though you have it forever.

  3. Definitely loving the more soft lounge feel — and those sheer looks are gorgeous!

  4. I love all of them – especially the middle one in the first row! Hmmm.. and the one with the green pants next to it :-)

  5. Can’t stop staring at that gorgeous blue!

  6. There are some interesting pieces here, but nothing that’s really “me”.

  7. They do look good for fall. It’s amazing to be able to do a runway show after something so crazy happens to your family.

  8. They’re probably fabulous in real life and I’m sure they feel great on the skin, but I was a lot more wowed last year (or was it the year before?) when it was all pastels and zig zags for fall.

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