Theyskens’ Theory Fall 2013 Collection

I’ve really appreciated Olivier Theyskens couple of years at Theory.  To me, Theyskens creates clothing that every woman wants to wear.  And the Theyskens’ Theory Fall 2013 Collection is just that.  It is easy, and cool, and laid back.  But what makes it really special?  As easy as each piece is, it also has an air of sexiness about it.

Each look, while somewhat minimalistic and neutral, creates visual interest with texture.  I liked seeing the variety of texture.   There was everything from leather to quilting to knits to wool combined to create a singular collection.  And it doesn’t feel forced or overworked!

As for the sexiness (which, let’s be honest, is such a silly word!), can you see it?  For me it is that no-fuss sexiness.  The pieces are modern and unfettered, but at the same time create lean lines.   I think there is a confidence in the pieces that translates to the models and it is in the confidence that the allure can be found.


Take a look for yourself:

Theory Fall 2013 1

Theory Fall 2013 2

Theory Fall 2013 3

Theory Fall 2013 4

Theory Fall 2013 5

Theory Fall 2013 6



What do you think of Theyskens’ Theory Fall 2013 Collection?  Do you think laidback and relaxed can be sexy?  And, most importantly, isn’t the word sexy silly? (Be honest!)



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  1. I love Theory too Alexis, it is my go to for my corporate women. It is what I describe as business chic.

  2. Yes, I like that variety in texture and the cut of those beautiful shapes.

  3. This is my favorite collection, by far, because its pieces I could actually see myself wearing =)

  4. Amazing! I am sort of in love with the second and third looks, they’re sexy to me and yet covered up. I love the texture and layering in the collection as well. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I love anything with a quilted look so a lot of these pieces are a win for me.

  6. I like the last dress. Hope you had a great Valentine’s!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. This is a lovely collection. The third piece, especially, is something is one I’d love to own!

  8. I really like the quilting in the cream colored top, but not so sure I like it in the black dress. But then… when you are beautiful you can wear almost anything and get away with it.

  9. These pieces do feel incredibly confident. I really enjoy the quilted pieces – which always remind me of British fashion after WWII when there were coal shortages. 😀

  10. The quilting and the long boots are my favorite parts of this collection, so effortless chic! Nice to see you on my blog! Kisses :*

  11. Hmmm…wearable and cool? Yes! Sexy? Not so much i don’t think, but it would depend upon the wearer. With my figure type I’d probably look a bit frumpy I think.

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