Veronica Beard Fall 2013 Collection

New York Fashion Week is here again, showcasing the wears for Fall 2013.  And while I am in Atlanta planning another move (!), I am still keeping up with the shows and plan to share some of the standout looks with you.  To begin with I’ve got to share looks from the Veronica Beard Fall 2013 Collection.

Veronica Beard

This sister-in-law duo, who launched the collection in Fall 2010, have a keen sense of what women want to wear in their daily lives.  I love the styling of the presentation.  The layering adds dimension and there is great balance of color and texture.

The Collection really reads as a story to me.  The model wearing it seems like a real person who has collected pieces over a period of time and now reaches into her closet always pulling out a new and visually intriguing combination.


Tell me, what do you think of the Veronica Beard Fall 2013 Collection?  Do you like this cultivated sportswear style?


Images courtesy of Veronica Beard via, edited by Alexis Grace.


  1. I like the colors and cohesiveness of the collection. The 5th look is my favorite.

  2. The prints…oh the fabulous prints!

  3. I love some of the pieces, but honestly I am not a big fan of this look.

  4. On first glance I am not a fan, but closer inspection I begin to find elements that I do like such as the jacket and the gold pants.

  5. Very 80’s grunge, I am more interested in you next destination. What a life! I wish we would have traveled like you guys are traveling.

  6. A very wearable collection! I love that gold blazer, it’s so dazzling, I also like the printed maxi. I am doing my best to keep up with the shows! :)/Madison

  7. Another move? Hang in there, Alexis! I love this collection’s outerwear, but not a fan of the skirts and really dislike the fur. (Not that I’m opposed to fur, it just looks to primal in an otherwise, quite sophisticated collection.)

  8. Fall? Already? Oh Lord. I’m not ready. But if you’re going to make me be ready, okay, I’ll play.

    Love it. The collection looks so real, and definately something that real women would wear. The layering adds an element of comfort. And I so agree it looks like a collection of things that have been gathered overtime giving an eclectic and sheik look.

    Love this!

  9. I like this collection, but I’m not in love with this cultivated sportswear. There are some cute pieces though!

  10. Absolutely love this – have never heard of this label before and yes! THat’s so funny how its similar to my new trench, am getting some great new ideas on how to casual it down.

  11. I like some of the pieces, mostly the more tailored ones.. Would love that wrap coat!

    xo Mary Jo

  12. I love them all – but then I’ve always loved that grunge look! Especially like #’s 1, 3, and 4 :-)

  13. I just LOVE the look with the floor length dress and the fur gilet, it’s really boho but perfect!

  14. Love it! Very wearable but fun too. I love the first outfit in particular. I would wear that whole look!

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