Wish List: Clover Canyon Flower Tracers Maxi Skirt

Today’s Wish List item: Clover Canyon “Flower Tracers Maxi Skirt”

I’ve had the tropics on my mind lately.  Maybe because I haven’t spent much time outside of the house, but the idea of beautiful beaches and lush landscapes sound like the perfect escape.  I know, I should be pining over New York and Fashion Week- and I am – I am just saying some time on a tropical beach wouldn’t be so bad either!

Clover CanyonAnd while Atlanta doesn’t offer a beach (alas!), I did find this tropic inspired maxi skirt and it definitely takes me there!   I love the sheer maxi trend that was so huge last year – and in fact, have two skirts like it already.  But what really caught my attention about this one was how the print reminds me of batik.  I love how the pattern gives the otherwise bold colors a softer edge as though the color almost bleed into one another.

I like how it is paired with a relaxed tank (plus the vintage Chanel bag!), but I also can imagine dressing it up a bit with some fantastic gold jewelry.

Tell me- (Given the appropriate temps) would you wear the Clover Canyon “Flower Tracers Maxi Skirt”?  If you could getaway for a bit where would you go?


  1. Loving the maxi skirt! I can’t wait for spring to get here so I can bust out the floral patterns.


    Hmmmmm. . . .
    I’m thinking I’d like to go to Andalucia. I think that skirt would fit in perfectly there:)

  3. I am BEYOND excited that I found your blog! We write about mostly the same topics and it is just so exciting to find someone else who shares the same interests as me and to read about them!

    Now the big question…where would I go on a getaway…I’m going to have to say I’d like to go to Italy. Most of my family is from there and I would love to visit my mother country haha. And that maxi skirt on a gondola? Sounds perfect to me! :)

  4. I love that skirt!! Wouldn’t it be great on my next cruise? Or… maybe to shore..

  5. Yes, I do love the vintage bag with this, and glad that you found your wanted climate destination via style inspiration. I love the maxi! :) I just may goto Bermuda or St. Barths … if I had extra time!

  6. That’s a very unique look, and looks very comfy =)

  7. I love the combination of the print and sheer fabric, perfect summer clothing. I cannot wait for the warmer weather to kick in, I think if I could get away I’d jet off some where warm!

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