Moving On…

SO — once again I have been sitting on some big news.

But before I let the cat out of the bag, I wanted to recap the insanity that was 2012 in my world:  Moved from LA to Chicago, Found out I was pregnant, had the baby, then moved to Atlanta.

Nuts, right?!  And that is without any of the juicy bits.

Well, we are changing things up again.

This time we are making an even more dramatic move and are heading to Singapore!!

Suitcase Baby

I am heading into this move with 95% excitement and 5% trepidation.  Also, I’m very excited for what this means for North On Harper!  I look forward to sharing a lot of travel photos and also the general inspiration of being in a new place.

As for when this big move happens?  We will be leaving Atlanta this weekend and spending a few days in LA.  We arrive in Singapore on the 21st.

And the scariest part?  24 hours of travel with a 4-month-old!


  1. Holy cow! What a huge move! Congratulations to you guys! Post more pics of baby Salem! She is adorable!

  2. I am in love with the baby!!! Awe…She is a living doll. I am excited for you.

    Wow you can highlight Singapore fashion that sounds interesting. I am so looking forward to seeing what does your move mean for North On Harper.

    Just pack plenty change of clothes for the baby. I guess the plane will have enough water. Get lots of rest before your flight to Singapore. It will be such a blast living vicariously through you.

  3. Woo Hoo!!!!! Hold On, cause this is going to be one heck of a fun ride!!!!! That is marvelous!!! You guys are going to have a blast! So much exciting news! The baby will love it, and will be totally fine on the plane ride! I love how she’s sitting in the suitcase and she looks like she’s so surprised. Oh yummy:) All my best to you guys!!!

  4. oh my gosh Alexis, that is huge news! I am so looking forward to your adventures abroad. My mom raised me for my first 3 years of life in Europe, and she always says it was the time of her life. I know it will be the same for you! Keep blogging! XO

  5. WOW! The little lady is going to be quite the jet setter! Congrats lady. I now this is going to be an amazing experience for your family! xoxo

  6. Wow, that’s one hell of a hectic 2012 you had, especially as I know how are apart, all those cities are! I hope your move to Singapore goes okay, what made you move there?

  7. Oh my gosh what a cutie pie and this photo is hilarious!!! It’s like you’ve just told her that you’re leaving for Singapore. It will be a shame to leave your family but you’ll have the opportunity for loads of help in Singapore and loads of adventures!

  8. Holy cow!! This is huge!!! Excited, nervous, anxious and who knows what else is what I would be feeling! Congrats and good luck with preparations. Can’t wait to hear about your travels and see photos. I’m sure you and baby will be fine. :)

  9. Wow, Singapore! That is amazing, Alexis, and so, so exciting! Good luck on the move, getting settled in Singapore (Singapore!!! My goodness!), and most of all, the best of luck on traveling for 24-hours with a 4-month-old baby. I do not envy you, but I have a feeling you will survive.

  10. Singapore will be very interesting I’m sure and I look forward to whatever twists and turns are showcased here on North on Harper. Good luck with a baby on the road for 24 hours. I think she’s little enough that she will hopefully sleep for most of it. Unless she’s crawling…

  11. I love this! Congrats to you guys, life is just amazing that way, and throws us all kinds of surprises! That baby photo is adorable! A good airline is all you need and you will be fine, lol … rest up, and looking forward to seeing what Singapore has in store for you. xx/Madison

  12. That is so exciting, Alexis! I wish you safe travel! Salem is such a beautiful baby girl :)

  13. Oh wow, that’s big news! Have a safe trip and I can’t wait for photos from your new adventure! That’s an adorable photo with your baby girl.

  14. Fairygodmommy says:

    I suggest teaching the flight attendants how to do the Flying Salem on the forearm pose that Lukus has perfected. Then run away and hide with a blanket over your head for some sleep! OK, you know I am kidding but that used to really happen to us when I was a Sky Goddess. That and the surprise baby I never saw from Frankfurt until we were landing in New Delhi 12 hours later when the mother gruffly instructed me to get her baby, pointing up to the overhead bin… Have a wonderful adventure you three! And, more pix please of all of you. Lots of love! Fairygodmommy

  15. Oh my goodness- talk about a big move! So exciting! I wish you all the best with the mov. Your little one is adorable!

  16. Singapore!! That is super excited I hope you have a wonderful time getting there traveling with a little one can for sure be rough. I can’t wait to see all your adventures in this new place :)

  17. Scary and exciting! There are some great bloggers who live in Singapore- please look Sylvia up (from 40+ Style) she is a sweetheart! That is a lot of moving and change but you seem none the worse for the wear. Stay fabulous and I am looking forward in seeing Singapore through your eyes.

  18. This was the news I was waiting to hear. What exciting times. You and your hubs are very adventurous and wish you nothing but success in your new ventures. Look forward to hearing about your journies!

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