Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection

We’ve seen the reemergence of 90s era grunge for the past couple of seasons.  And personally, I am thrilled.  Yes, I was around for it the 1st time, but my then pre-teen body just looked confused in the trend.  I hoping my now post-natal body doesn’t have the same problem!  My current grunge meets glamour favorite is the Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection.

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 1

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 2Fishnets, short hemlines, flannel and sparkle encapsulate what much of this collection offers.  Frankly there was an air of having seen it before- not just in the 90s, but on many of today’s cool girls.  However there were special moments as well.  My favorites are the slashed leather pants, the peek-a-boo moments on the black babydoll dress and the cropped black and gold jacket.

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 3

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 4For me, what makes those moments special are their elevated appeal.  These aren’t Courtney Love dirty-grunge, but Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent grunge.  And I have to believe that this somewhat recycled look speaks to today’s audience just as well as it did in previous times.

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 5

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 6

What do you think of the Saint Laurent Fall 2013 Collection?  Does the grunge speak to you?  Or does it all leave you feeling a tad too dirty?



Images via / Marcus Tondo / InDigital /GoRunway




  1. Though I do love Saint Laurent, I’m not a fan of this particular collection overall. Bits and pieces, yes. But then again, I was never a fan of grunge in the first place. It looked good on everyone but me. So maybe I’m just hating. LOL

  2. I am not a big fan of the grunge, but I love few of the pieces.

  3. I am a huge fan of grunge. I wear a lot of flannel, so I think it definitely speaks to me. Especially loving the sweater in the first image you posted. I need that!

  4. That is a severe change for Saint Laurent. They relocated to Los Angeles, dropped the Y. What is next? Yes, Alexis grunge was so fun an easy. i remember black denim jeans flannel shirts and Dr Martens. Was it late 80’s?

  5. I really like the 70s style pieces Helmut Lang has been doing for Saint Laurent–it seems like they were well received, and will be curious to see if the grunge pieces are a commercial hit too. I’m just kind of fascinated by his whole reinvention and am waiting to see if it ultimately hits or flops. You must share photos if you go for the grunge look–I think you could pull it off!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Fairygodmommy says:

    I just fell off my chair laughing at your post natal body comment! You look fantastic! I can see you in the baby doll dress.

  7. I love the 2nd and last looks so much. It’s so nice to pair a sweet dress with grungy jackets and boots.

  8. Love it! It’s funky and cool. I haven’t seen a lot of grunge revival here on the streets of LA, but I like the look.

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