Singapore First Looks: Palawan Beach

We made it to Singapore!  It was quite the trip traveling from Atlanta first to LA for a few days and then onto Singapore (via Tokyo).  I mean that sounds crazy without including the fact that we did it all with a four month-old!

So now that I am living in this tropical location what’s the first thing I do?  Honestly?  I went and bought a new flat iron!!

And once that was done I was able to do some actual exploring.  We made it down to Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island- said to be the Southern most point of Continental Asia.

The whole area looks like a postcard.  I am really inspired by the beautiful colors and the playful atmosphere.  I’ve only been here two days and already find myself reaching for more colorful options than I would normally wear…

Without further ado, here are some of my first looks at Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island, Singapore:

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach 2

Palawan Beach 3

Palawan Beach 4

Palawan Beach 5


Don’t you just love a beach shot?  I had so much fun taking these even if the temps require some adjusting…




  1. Wow, looks like you’ve found a beautiful new home! Thinking of you as you adjust to your new surroundings. Glad to hear you survived all that traveling with baby in tow!

  2. Marvellous for you to be jet setting like this! The beach images are stunning, seems to be some kind of paradise and fully of inspiration. All the best getting sorted into your new environment. xx/Madison

  3. It looks amazing, Alexis! I think it will be a wonderful experience living there.

  4. OMg, gorgeous!!! Wow… can’t wait to see other adventures from Singapore!

  5. It looks gorgeous! I am glad you arrived safely. I remember the days traveling with babies overseas :)

  6. What an adventure to start an adventure! I’m sure traveling with baby was exhausting in itself. Glad you made it there safely and can’t wait to see/read more about your new journey.

  7. Oh my gosh Alexis – you’ve landed in paradise. I can’t imagine what the journey was like with a wee baby – hope you got some rest when you got there. And remember Singapore is the land of the shops so fair dues you’re partaking of what it has to offer when heading to the mall! I only stopped over there once with an old boyfriend and it was stunningly clean and lovely. we went to a traditional Indian restaurant in the old town and had the most delicious curries amid all the tropical plants. Broke up with the boyfriend (nightmare relationship) but I have lovely memories of that evening. Hope the bubs is doing well!

  8. Looks so beautiful!

  9. If you stick around long enough, you just might catch the Singapore Grand Prix in late September; it’s a night race, too. Anyway, what brought you from Atlanta and the United States to Singapore? How long will you stay? Will you one day return?

  10. Breath taking, just breath taking. I want to run into the ocean!

  11. So beautiful! What an amazing adventure this is going to be! Wishing you much luck. I have a cousin who had to move to El Salvador for a couple years, and she ended up loving it and making some friends for life. I hope the very same for you!

  12. Oh! I’m so happy for you guys!!! Crazy or not, you know I love some northonharper:) I know you guys are going to have a blast! Have fun, and soak up some sun for me. Today’s HI temp, 62 and windy :(

  13. OMG! I am extremely jealous of your travels/move! You have to keep up in the loop of your Singaporian adventure!!!

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