Vintage Baby Dior And The Question Of Keepsakes

So we are in LA right now! It is great to have some time in the old stomping ground before we head off to Singapore. While we are hitting the streets of WeHo, I had to share a little fashion with you. And while I am not one to write much about baby’s fashion, I have to make an exception.

vintage baby dior

Vintage Baby Dior?  Don’t mind if I do!  Okay… so it’s not mine- at least it hasn’t been for many, many, years- but my little girl did rock a Baby Dior Christening gown for her ceremony while we were in Atlanta.  Clearly my mother started me off loving fashion at a very young age (and also fostered my rebellious spirit- who else wore yellow for their Christening!).

Of course being able to reuse the gown for my own daughter was very special.  I was so happy my mother had kept it all of these years.  One of the ribbon’s on the bonnet had begun to fray, but Lukus was able to find a match and replace it—making the gown as good as new!

The whole thing got me thinking about family heirlooms and what not.  Clearly special clothing is saved in our household and can later be maintained as a keepsake, or have a second life thanks to a younger generation.

My question to you is, what do you do with special clothing items- be they Christening gowns or Wedding gowns or something else?!


  1. Oh. I knew if I clicked on over to your place, I’d be a very happy girl today. So sweet. Love, love, love. She is gorgeous and quite the fashion diva. Being a rebel just like her mom:)

    Mmmm. Lets see. . .I have all my girls christening gowns. . .all made by hand, by me and my mom. Those are keepers for sure:)

    fyi: if you take a lighter and hold it close to the end of the ribbon, it will seal the end so that it never frays. Then she can use the gown and ribbon on her little girl:) Here is a link to my post that shows you what to do. Its about making ribbon flip flops from a gazillion years ago, but just look at the fotos near the bottom, to see what I’m talking about:) Take care and Have fun!!!

  2. What a fabulous gown, and even better vintage! :-) In my family both of my parents have keepsakes, and stories tied to them, it’s been great since I have other siblings and the heirlooms are passed down, etc. They have a special storage closet for a few of those items. Safe and happy travelling! :)

  3. I don’t have any left over from my childhood. I did save Lil’s coming home dress. Its in a box with other baby keepsakes in the top of her closet. My first wedding gown is still hanging around, too. Not in the same condition as that day I first walked down the aisle, though. A couple halloweens ago, I cut it off and had from with some spray paint. Wedding dress to DIY Halloween Fabulous. 😉 I figured you of all people might appreciate that. My second one {less formal} is hanging safely in my closet begging to be worn again this Summer.

  4. How amazing, you guys can pass on that beautiful Dior gown and photography each generation. I don’t have any heirlooms to speak of, but it is definitely something I will consider for the future. Btw, I think it great to blog about your beautiful baby. You are in good company my dear.

  5. Omg, what a cutie!! Adorable picture. And Singapore????? Omg, how awesome!

  6. I LOVE this! This is terrible, but we haven’t had her christened yet…When she is she’ll wear the gown my sis and I wore! Let’s hear it for family heirlooms!

  7. Aww, Alexis …. Salem is such a sweet little baby girl :) I love that she is wearing the same gown you did!

    I kept “the going home” outfits from both of my boys & the first pair of walking shoes. I am planning on making them shadow boxes & give them to them when they move out (hopefully in many, many years).

  8. I kept my daughters baptismal gown as well as a number of other pretty things that she wore for special occasions. And yes, I have my wedding gown! It’s important to keep some things, wether they’re used again or not.

    And oh my gosh your daughter is so beautiful!

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