Vogue China Collections Spring/Summer 2013

One of the things I am most excited about experiencing in Singapore is the fashion.  Singapore is such a melting pot of different Asian cultures, while also being home to many American and European ex-pats.  One of my first exposures to the Singapore fashion scene has been checking out the magazine covers.  And while Singapore no longer has its own Vogue title (see some of its history HERE), I did stumble upon the Vogue China Collections Spring/Summer 2013 magazine.


I am just going to say it: this magazine cover is really visually stunning.  Photographer Emma Summerton shot model Daria Strokous in this red on red cover, which perfectly captures the cover theme (and only phrase I can read!) “Pieces to Treasure.”  I like the visual drama of this photograph—it feels like art and I love when art and fashion are interchangeable!

The choice of red does more than make a visual statement.  The color is very significant in Chinese culture and symbolizes happiness and good fortune.  It also is representative of summer, making it the perfect choice for this seasonal special.


What do you think of the red on red drama of the Vogue China Collections Spring/Summer 2013 magazine cover?



Image via Fashionolgie.com



  1. Welcome to Singapore!! You’ll love it here I’m sure. I’m looking forward to hearing your take on Singapore fashion, it truly is a melting pot here, amazing.

  2. Love it. Clearly I’m not a photographer, because I would have thought the red background would have drowned out the model. But, in fact, it does the opposite. Our eyes are drawn to the shape and detailing of her dress, and to her glowing porcelain face. Amazing pic.

  3. THe cover is gorgeous. The colors at brilliant and the print lovely. It complements her skin so well. Gorgeous, indeed.

  4. Yes, I was just thinking today that we aren’t seeing a lot of red. I love her skin tone and hair color. LOL Lyric wants to dye her hair that color. I told her she will wake up with it on the pillow. At any rate, thats a beautiful cover. Thank you for sharing.

  5. How nice to see a take on spring time that isn’t pastels! I love the red. Is any of the other verbiage in the magazine in English?

  6. It’s great that you’re getting inspiration already from your new environment. The cover/styling is very nice, especially with the grey text, visually easier on the eyes. Happy weekend. xo/Madison

  7. Oh my gosh is that A MODEL on the cover? Wow! I am so sick of celebs on the covers of magazines, seeing a model in an interesting pose is a breath of fresh air. Love it! No wonder you’re inspired!

  8. I love anything red so it is right up my alley! Gorgeous!

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