White Hot

The other day I shared a pair of adorable Marc By Marc Jacobs sandals (oh, you missed it?  Guess you should like my Facebook Page!).  Well, I thought it would be fun to style an outfit around them.  And now that I am in the sweltering climate that is Singapore (seriously, the little one and I will be going swimming here shortly to get a break from the heat!), I wanted to style a white hot look that could hold up in the most dramatic of temps.

white hot

White Hot:

Rebecca Minkoff “Quilt Mini Affair Bag” in Lilac
Free People “Lace Swing Dress” in Ivory
Alexis Bittar “Embellished Lucite Earrings”
Baublebar “Silver Fishbone Bracelet”
ToyWatch “Metallic Silver With Stones”
Marc by Marc Jacobs “Clean Metallic Wedge”

For me what keeps this look interesting is the variety of texture and surfaces- from the sleekness of the sandals to the lacy dress to the tough fishbone bracelet.  Because there are so few elements (no layering here) it is important to make each piece count without feeling to weighty (like those earrings!).  Also function is just as necessary as form when a look is more minimalist.  A bag that adds color while holding the goods and a chic watch that looks good while keeping time.

Oh!  And for those of you not living under an oppressive sun—how about a blazer to give the look a little structure?

blazer- white hotTinley Road “Bleeker Blazer”

What do you think of this white hot look?  Are you craving warmer temps or hanging onto the cooler days?


  1. I stay away from white clothing. Seriously, it is just better that way. But those sandals and the jewelry are very pretty and I like the outfit you came up with.

    I can’t say I envy you with the sweltering heat of Singapore, but considering it is supposed to be spring here and there is still snow on the ground is a little disheartening. I’ll take a good 15 degrees from you and enjoy it here. Deal?

  2. Monica Marshall says:

    Alex this looks wonderful, I envy your residency in Singapore now. Must be heaven according to your pictures. We attended Church yesterday, The Church of the Apostle, their new year book came out, still had you in it as a member, but was not updated. Will look for your mom and dad on Sunday if they are attending there. All else is well here.
    Post more pictures of Salem

  3. So dainty…

  4. That fishbone bracelet with a white dress and a blazer…perfection!

  5. I can’t believe it’s hot where you are Alexis, it’s been really chilly here for the most part with moments of sunny goodness. Love those silver sandals–I definitely need those in my life. I doubt anyone will notice if we both have a pair as we are on opposite sides of the planet :)

    Hope all is well with you!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Oh, wow off for a swim already? I can’t wait to do that! Those metallic silver shoes are my favourite as well as the lilac handbag! :-) Enjoy yourself! xx /Madison

  7. I can’t wait to get little warmer so I can wear my whites & sandals :)

  8. That’s one of the beauties of not living somewhere where the weather is scorching you can rock a blazer and stay cool, I love the silver sandals and how you’ve put together a whole look for them.

  9. It’s snowing here and it looks like a white Christmas. I’m not kidding! In other words, I wish I were in the middle of a heat wave. Love the silver sandals! I need a pair of those!

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