30 Lessons for 30: Fashion and Beauty Lessons

For day two of my 30 Lessons for 30, I thought it only appropriate I share some Fashion and Beauty Lessons.  After all, this is a very fashion driven blog!

Most of the fashion and beauty lessons I’ve learned are things my mother has taught me.  Of course when I was younger I fought her tooth and nail on most of them.  I would argue (naively) that people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and if they did then I didn’t need them.

The reality of course is people build opinions on others based on their physical appearance.  Sometimes this is conscious and sometimes this is subconscious.  Either way it happens.  The best thing you can do is accept this and make the decision to put your best foot forward.

Fashion and Beauty Lessons (Ixtapa)

These are my fashion and beauty lessons:

1)  Don’t leave the house without mascara.  Give people a reason to look you in the eyes.  They’ll be more apt to give value to what you are saying.

2)  Know your body.  Not every trend works for everyone.  And that’s okay!  Wear what works on you- not what works on some model.

3)  It’s always better to over dress for a situation than under dress.

4)  Take care of your nails.  People will judge you based on your nails (I have a horrible nail biting habit!  This is something I still struggle with!)

5)  Confidence is the greatest accessory.  Wear clothing you feel good in and it will show.  Likewise outfits that you feel unsure of will often translate as insecurity.

6)  Don’t get lazy about the before the bed basics: wash your face, floss & brush your teeth, take down your hair.  This all takes a total of 5 minutes!  And your future self will thank you.


So there are my fashion and beauty lessons.  What wisdom would you like to impart?


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  1. These are great tips :) Especially knowing that not every trend will work for everyone – sometimes that’s hard to remember!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. HappyAunt says:

    Your mother was a wise woman :-)

  3. Happymother says:

    I totally agree with all your lessons. As I am getting older, I like to wear simple clothes and always less jewelry and less makeup.

  4. Monica Marshall says:

    Mothers always know best, partly because of their past experiences. I am glad that your mother was such a great role model for you. She is a great lady. You will appreciate this more now that you are a mother.

  5. Great advice all. I especially like #’s 2 & 5, and 6 is more important than many people realize. I’ve *never* gone to bed or worked out with make-up on. (Even when I’ve wandered in at 4 a.m. )

  6. I also have a terrible nail biting habit. I have ever since I can remember, and it is definitely one habit that is difficult to break. I can usually let my nails get so long now until I begin biting them all back down again.

    Totally agree about the mascara. I’m always sure to put some on before leaving the house, even if I’m just going to the store for a few things.

  7. Mascara and lipgloss/chapstick are two things I always have. Great to read these! And, I agree don’t be too lazy to wash off makeup before bed. Hope your day is going well! x :-)

  8. Good lessons. I lack on a lot of those 😉 lol

  9. Great lessons! I think I subscribe to most of them…but I do fall asleep all the time with my makeup on. However, I never ever leave the house without mascara and a little bit of lip gloss.
    Penniless Socialite

  10. Great tips! I would add “always remove your make up” and “always use day cream”

  11. Totally agree about #1! Mascara makes all the difference. This is such a fun series, and, oh yeah, happy birthday!

  12. I want to add WEAR SUNBLOCK DAILY! Other than that, great tips! Your mom knows her stuff because you are beautiful inside and out.

  13. Heather Jenkins says:

    Always take my mascara with me everywhere I go. And can’t forget a little lip gloss as well. :)

  14. Totally with you on the mascara thing, never leave home without it!

  15. Excellent lessons – especially the ones about not blindly copying trends and paying attention to before the bed rituals.

  16. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    I love this segment!! It’s true — whether or not we’d like to admit it, people do judge us based on appearances. Either way, I always feel better about myself when I look good! Even if I leave the house without any makeup, mascara is my one essential (along with lip balm). And I’m always one to overdress, haha! It’s fun!!

    That photo of you is adorable, by the way!

  17. It’s really nice to see a picture of you I don’t think I’ve seen one of you before, lol. I love your mum’s tips all the fashion ones I was nodding along to and saying yes to. Your mum’s full of fashion wisdom!

  18. Such an adorable picture of you :-) I agree about the mascara tip too. Some days I don’t have time to do much makeup before running a quick errand but I always feel better about myself if I’ve swiped on some mascara. Really good tips!

  19. I am so guilty about the over dressing not under dressing but my bed time routine does have room for improvement.

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