Cutout Flats

We are in the midst of hunting for a new home here in Singapore and it has proven to be quite a process.  Even compared to Los Angeles, prices are steep and space is at a premium.  But I guess that’s what you get when you are looking to live in an island nation!

Consequently we’ve spent many a days touring condos.  And, as is typical throughout Asian cultures, it is customary to take off your shoes before entering a home.  After doing this multiple times a day while carrying a baby, I have grown to appreciate the important of slip on & off shoes.  Of course that means flats are the way to go.  But with the tropical climate, not just any flats will do.  Cutout flats are the way to go.

These shoes are both stylish and practical (a little a/c for the fit and easy to get in & out of!) and I am now motivated to add a couple pairs to my shoe collection.

Here are my picks for Cutout Flats:

cutout flats
Cutout Flats:
Bloch “Florentine”
Vogue “Prairie Angel”
Calvin Klein “Ebony”
Volatile “Yippit”


Do you like cutout flats?  What do you think of my picks?  Any favorites?


  1. I love the Calvin Klein “Ebony” , cute. I am tall, I love a cute flat anyway. I have been rocking cute flats since the 80’s when wearing socks became a thing of the past.

  2. My girls LOVE cut out flats!!!! I just bought. . .ummm. . .3 pair last week. One pair looks quite alot like the marigold woven flat, only I bought it in hot pink for my 8 year old. My fave though, of your pics are the silver, I so need those!!!

  3. Monica Marshall says:

    What can I say, you are amazing !! Thanks for the updates, good luck house hunting.

  4. Good luck with the home hunt! Was just thinking I need to spice up my flats collection. I really love the pair in the lower left.

  5. Love the yellow ones! I’m feeling a tropical move ASAP over here!

  6. I think I only have a few flats that are cutout, I love the silver ‘Yippit’ style. Yes, slip ons are the way to go especially for you now, enjoy house hunting in beachland! xx/M

  7. Oooh yes, love those red ones. It’s taken me a while to get used to taking off my shoes everywhere here, especially in the independent shops, but you’re right these delectable shoes would make it a whole load easier. Good luck with the hunt, you’ll find something fab I’m sure!

  8. Love those silver and the yellow ones!! Wow sounds the perfect climate for cut out flats which are so incredibly cute. Have been thinking of you and all the unpacking etc and finding a good supermarket, dry cleaner etc. Those things all take time!

  9. I don’t allow shoes in my house either – some people have a problem with that, but oh well 😉 I’m drawn to the yellow and black ones, which kinda surprises me since I’m not usually a “yellow” person. They’re all great choices!

  10. Ah you are making me want some new flats, and surprisingly the coral ones really appeal to me. I hope you find a great place to live soon! It must be so hard to be condo shopping in the heat with a baby!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. As you might know I am a big flat fan & collector,lol! I love all of these, but if I had to pick only one it would be Vogue :)

  12. Those shoes make sense in the heat! Count me in,

  13. Good Luck house hunting, I love the silver pair.


  14. I love the yellow ones – what a lovely, sunny color! All the best with house hunting and settling down in Singapore :)

  15. I love all them except the colour of the top left ones, the silver metallic ones are really cool. I love the other two because of their vibrant colours are you thinking of getting a pair?

  16. Now with two babies flat shoes are the way to go. I think my favorite ones you’ve posted would have to be those Calvin Klein ones, but in the black & white print!

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