Peacock Inspired Fashion

Peacock Inspired fashion has captured fashion-enthusiasts attention for basically ever.  And does that surprise you?  They are after all, visually stunning birds.  In fact, with the current Pantone Color of The Year being Emerald Green—a color found in the peacock’s plumes—it is no surprise that this majestic bird continues to gain stylish attention.

Sentosa Island, Singapore is home to many wild peacocks.  I have run into several of the Peahens with their chicks and they are lovely (pssst- if you follow me on Instagram you already know this!) .  However, it wasn’t until I met one of the Peacocks with his massive tail that I really appreciated how magnificent these birds are. Beyond the color these birds are rich in pattern and carry themselves with an air of elegance.

peacock inspired fashion 1

Unfortunately he didn’t open up his tail for me, but I still got a chance to enjoy how a truly brilliant he was.

peacock inspired fashion 2

I hunted down some unique fashion finds that capture the essence of the peacock in somewhat unexpected ways:

peacock inspired fashion 3
Peacock Inspired Fashion:
Motel “Peacock Blouse”
Zimmermann “Independent Peacock Dress”
Collina Strada “Rico Clutch Bag” in Peacock
Show Me Your Mumu “Tipsy Pant” in Peacock Balls

Do you wear any peacock inspired fashion?  What do you think of these finds?


  1. Peacocks are beautiful, and the colors and patterns do come in and out of fashion fairly regularly. Thanks for the great photos!

  2. Peacocks are so magical! Love your finds too–would love to have the pants and the dress!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. I’ve always loved peacocks, both their gorgeous colours and their ‘Yeh I know I’m the hotness’ attitude. I didn’t know they were on Sentosa, must go check them out!! Loving these fashion finds, especially the Tipsy Pant.

  4. Gosh I can feel the heat and the sun through your post – love it! I have an old Lulu Guiness bag which is purple suede and an embroidered peacock feather on it. Just adore it and plan outfits all around the colours!

  5. Peacocks are gorgeous birds! I’ve only seen one in my life, and under quite strange circumstances. I was driving down my street back home (Upstate NY) and there was a peacock just walking down the road. Definitely found his way somewhere he shouldn’t have been haha. He didn’t open his feathers either but, it was a fantastic experience. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone lol.

  6. I love it! I do not wear any peacock pieces, but my daughter (from another mother) just ordered the most beautiful peacock grad dress.

  7. Their plume colour palette is amazing, unique, it always fascinates me when I see one. I love the dress you’ve hunted down.

  8. I have always thought that peacocks are some really fabulous looking birds & have been lucky enough to see several up close before & I am always so fascinated by them BEAUTIFUL. I own one shirt with peacock feathers which is a DIY I did ( several pieces of jewelry that is peacock inspired, but I’d love some kind of long maxi dress or skirt with a peacock print.

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