Summer With Elle Spain

Living in the tropics I could happily spend every day lounging at the beach or poolside.  Alas, that can’t always be the case.  But the May cover of Elle Spain not only captures the feeling perfectly, but also has me halfway to the shore!

Elle Spain May 2013-1

You can definitely feel the heat radiating off of this cover and if you weren’t in a summer mindset Elle Spain will get you there!  From the color of the water, to the bronzed body to the yellow title, this is the idyllic beach image.  (You know,  if the sun didn’t have harmful effects…)

What’s more, it features Helena Christensen photographed by Xavi Gordo.  First off, I love when a real model graces the cover of a fashion magazine.  And Christensen has definitely earned that title, beginning her modeling career in 1986 after winning the Ms. Denmark beauty pageant.  Yes, you read that correctly—1986!  Which means her career has spanned almost 30 years and she is still scoring magazine covers at the age of 44.  Bikini clad magazine covers at that!

My plan for the day?  Well, after having seen this Elle Spain cover, I am heading to the gym and then the beach….


Are you ready for beach weather?  What do you think of Helena Christensen gracing the cover of Elle Spain?



  1. That is a luscious image and I am a sucker for any kind of summer photos. When we lived in London I covered a model party which she was at. She was beautiful but actually quite tiny and thin. Bizarrely at the time all the reports were going on about how “Voluptuous” she was.

  2. Helena Christensen has always been so striking, she’s just unbelievably stunning and always will be. Love the cover! Glad that you’re enjoying your new paradise! :)/Madison

  3. This cover is making me crave the beach! and she looks stunning!

  4. I do love it too when real models grace the covers of fashion magazines. Those were the days… Beautiful cover. Helena looks amazing!

  5. Beautiful cover. Makes me wish I had a tan right now lol :-)

  6. We talked about this quite a bit on Twitter, she looks absolutely amazing period, I was going to say ‘for her age’ but don’t feel I need to (although she does of course).

  7. NO! I”m not quite ready yet. No bathing suit, my thighs could be smaller. . .so I guess I should follow your lead, and head off to the gym. . .I’ve been doing Yoga, but I think I might need some cardio:)

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