Welcome To May

I was all excited- I had planned to take photos for a post today.  Outfit set out.  Hair done.  The latter a major accomplishment considering the humidity I am exposed to here… But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  At least not today.  The skies opened up and an on-again, off-again rain claimed the afternoon.


I wasn’t the only one disappointed by the weather… these peahens were roosting on the eaves of a building, clearly miffed by the wet world.

Hopefully May will bring lots of sunny day and many adventures.  I know my number one goal is find a home (we are living in a hotel still!) and settle in.  I want to explore Singapore!  Not spend my days touring apartments…

What about you?  What are you looking forward to this May?


  1. Monica Marshall says:

    WE are celebrating our wedding anniversary today. May Day. It is cooler here today, not like it was the day we wed, nine years ago, in 90 degree weather. Our reception was – where else – at the Ritz Carlton, Bosotn, (Buckhead) we have happy memories of that day. Happy house hunting, thinking of you often.

  2. The weather yesterday was weird, huh?! Gorgeous and bright today though! Those peahens look sorry for themselves, haha. Sorry to hear you’re having no luck with the house hunt, you’ll find somewhere fab soon I’m sure!

  3. Omg… what beautiful birds!! What’s the weather like there?

  4. Ah your life sounds so exotic, even if to you it is filled with the annoyances of house hunting and hot weather. Hope you find a great place to live soon, I’m sure you will :)

    xo Mary Jo

  5. What a great capture! I do hope you find a home soon, there’s nothing like living from your suitcase for an extended period! Wishing you good weather and a great weekend! xx/Madison

  6. Good luck with the house hunting! I’m looking forward to lots of sunshine and enjoying the long days well into the night, and for this weekend, all I wish for is to spend a few quiet days and quality time with my family, as we are celebrating Easter (that’s Orthodox Easter). Have a wonderful weekend, Alexis!

  7. I’m finding your blog posts fascinating – how is the bubs doing? Doe she love the heat – and the peahens? How funny to wake up to the sight of them!

  8. I like your pic just the same. And hotel living. . .with a baby is prob. not ideal, but just think! at least you’ll have the time to pick out the perfect location. Hopefully it will be in prime spot, maybe near eatery’s, shopping, parks. Here’s to finding it soon, and for the rain and humidity to let off, a little:)

  9. Ah Alexis I hope you find a home soon. Living in a hotel is fun at first but I know for extended time it can start to get a bit frustrating. For May it seems to be a bit hectic I’m meeting some other stylist friends, lots of meetings and clients and also the sunshine! Us Brits get super excited about that because we rarely see it :-(.

  10. Alex, I hope you find your place soon and settle in. It must be hard with the little one living in a hotel :( Our May came with high temperatures. We went from super cold to super hot so just trying to get to the heat right now.

  11. Sorry about the bad weather over there! Those birds do look miffed about it lol. I hope you are on a path to finding your new place, fingers crossed :)

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