Battling The New Mom Uniform

Confession- I lost my Chic.  I’ve found myself in the abyss of the new mom uniform.

There I said it.  Somewhere between Chicago, Atlanta and Singapore and following the birth of my daughter it happened.  I found myself dressing in a uniform.

Now- don’t completely freak out.  I didn’t do the typical new mom uniform move and start dressing exclusively in yoga wear.  Instead, I woke up sometime mid May in sweltering hot Singapore (I am still adjusting to the insane heat!) and realized for the past several weeks I had worn some combination of a jersey mini skirt, loose top and flats.

Not only that, but because I haven’t completely figured out how to deal with my hair in the humidity, my hair has almost started growing into the bun I throw it into.  Every.  Single.  Day.

All this coupled with an upcoming 6th move in 14 months and I realized I needed a break.  I need to rest, recharge and rediscover the things that I enjoyed doing.  And especially the things I enjoyed doing for myself.

Well.  I haven’t done that yet.  Instead the past two weeks were a whirlwind with a visit from my parents and finally settling into a new apartment here in Singapore.

But instead of making this transition back to chic, fulfilling and audacious on my own, I’ve decided I would share the process here on North On Harper.  Because, while a piece of me would have liked you to think that having a baby and moving across the world didn’t cause me to lose step- the reality is it had.

And something tells me we all go through these valleys.  These times where life takes over and we start to lose a bit of our fun.

So, thank you readers for your patience.  I am excited to share my new life in Singapore and my transition back into a more stylish self with you…

Tell me:
Regardless of whether its the new mom uniform or just a rut,how do you battle fashion paralysis?


  1. I don’t know, I pretty much live in knitwear, and think that jersey is always a great/comfortable choice. I suppose when I’m feeling in this state flats, a plain white Tee and my black leather jacket just might be my ongoing “uniform of choice.” Hope you enjoyed your family … so glad to have you back dear. xx/Madison

  2. Fairygodmommy says:

    Haaaaaaaaa!!! You are still adorable. Uniforms can be a good thing. You will revolt and return to your former fashionista. I have no doubt about that. Until then, don’t sweat it. Pun intended.

  3. I just recently dealt with this. I am not a new mom, but went back to school. As a full time college student and full time wife and mom, I found that I was living in yoga pants, sweatshirts and wearing my hair in a ponytail. To get over that slump and to help me feel better about life in general, I did two things. I got a manicure and a new hairstyle. The new style was two short to pull back without looking like I had some sort of abscess growing out of the back of my head. I found that by doing my hair everyday, it was a natural progression to put on make-up and dress nicer. I found that that alone affected my whole approach to school and my home life.

  4. Happymother says:

    I love your hairstyle. You look absolutely wonderful. Give yourself some time to adjust in this weather.

  5. Monica Marshall says:

    You still look amazing. I am happy tht the move went well. You will get back into your past chic yourself soon. Thinking of you often.

  6. Well, I still think you look super cute in your mom uniform :) I can’t believe you’ve moved 6 times in 14 months…that’s crazy…and I don’t think I would ever take off sweats if it were me! You’ll get your chic back soon :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Oh. my. Lord. FOR SURE. I’ve been battling it a very long time. But I do try to do better. Just hearing my kids tell me how pretty I look makes me want to do better. I don’t want them to lose themselves when they grow up and have kids. . .so when I can’t do better just for myself, I do better for them. It’s a constant struggle.

    I’m proud of you.
    You’ve been going through so much this year. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a true beauty no matter what. Seriously.

  8. You look beautiful! You’ve been in major life transition for some time – the important thing is that you’ve gotten yourself all lovely and fit after the pregnancy. You’ll always be your chic self!

  9. Personally, I still think you’re rocking that outfit. and, if you say singapore is as hot as it is you have to dress for the heat more than anything.

    So keep rocking those skirts… and enjoy putting your hair in a bun… although, I’d love to see you rocking a short haircut 😉

  10. I totally totally empathise with you – I don’t have a baby but just the move itself was stressful enough for me!! The heat here makes it so impossible too, I’ve pretty much stopped wearing jewellery and make up also haha. You’re rocking that bun and outfit though, it looks fab. I look forward to seeing the transition back to chic as I will 100% be copying you ha.xo

  11. I empathise with you in a way, I’ve been so busy recently thinking about other people’s style and sorting their look out that I’ve let mine slip a little I feel. I rarely have time to just shop, I’m usually doing something else and will pop in. You’re probably thinking why does that matter but most stores I go into I feel are just uninspiring when it comes to menswear :(.

    I’d say just go with the flow, relax a little. It’s going to take time to get used to your new surroundings and sometimes the weather isn’t conducive to being ‘chic’. The reality is when you’re running around and it’s sweltering outside you’re going to get a little sweaty and you don’t want to be dressed to the nines. Along with the perception we’ve been pushed that we have to look immaculate 100% of the time, often by social media and traditional media.

  12. It is just a phase, all the attention is on that beautiful little girl. I think you should buy coordinating outfits for your and the baby. How corny does that sound? LOL I would totally do it. It would be fun and motivate you to spurs up a bit.

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