Chanel Resort 2014 Collection – Singapore

During my self-imposed social media exile something important happened:  Chanel came to Singapore.  That’s right, Karl Lagerfeld, who likes to take his secondary seasons to exotic locals, brought the Chanel Resort 2014 Collection to Singapore.  You know, the island where I happen to live.

The heartbreaking part is that I didn’t get to see the collection in person myself.  But, I cried my tears and reminded myself, this was during my fashion faux pas days, and frankly I wasn’t fit for chic consumption.

So now that I am making my return to the world of the stylish, I thought it only appropriate I begin by drawing inspiration from Chanel.  So let’s do a proper round up of some of my favorite looks from my favorite design house’s latest offerings.

Chanel Resort 2014 1One thing that you can expect from Lagerfeld is that when he takes his collection on the road (see Edinburgh) he makes sure the location and the collection come together seamlessly (no pun intended).  This can be seen in the Chanel Resort 2014 Collection shown in Singapore as well.

For me there was an easy elegance about the collection.  Yes, pieces possessed tremendous detailing and I am sure required unbelievable skill and craftsmanship to create, but they didn’t look like work to wear.  And that is a feeling that seems consistent with this island.  With our astronomical temperatures, but a cultural emphasis on luxury, people are constantly looking for an effortless elegance.

Chanel Resort 2014 2There was also something very classic Chanel about this collection as well.  Perhaps it was the black, white and cream color palette or the very menswear inspired cuts.  Either way, I think Coco would have enjoyed this island getaway…

And now it is your turn!  What do you think of the Chanel Resort 2014 Collection?  What style lessons can you take from it?



Images via Yoshi Okamoto



  1. Black and white never go out of style. My lesson learned.

  2. Heather Fonseca says:

    Welcome back! I didn’t realize you were avoiding social media, I just thought you were a new mom! Love the new Chanel collection. Like you say it’s wearable, which Chanel, as fabulous as it is, just hasn’t been recently.

  3. They’re all beautiful. I love black and white, and, since I keep painting half of my furniture cream, obviously I love it as well. Great collection (and I can’t believe you *ever* guilty of fashion faux pas! :-)

  4. Love the simplicity of black and white… indeed

  5. I love Chanel shows. Every different outfit looks so well put together and everything flows so perfectly!

  6. Of course I love the black & white/cream. You can never truly go wrong with those. I love the draping & long silhouettes that they did in white collection. I’ve been trying to do more of that in my everyday dressing because I love it so.

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