Making A Stylish Investment

Before I completely fell into my drab wasteland I had a moment of chic clarity.  And in this moment I made an Outnet purchase and with it a stylish investment.

For those unfamiliar with The Outnet, I wrote about it HERE previously.  Now, I am in no way sponsored by The Outnet (but wouldn’t mind being!), but I really am a huge fan of it.  The site gives me access to designer finds at a fraction of their retail price.  And for me, the fact that pieces are from previous seasons is not a problem.  If I am investing in a designer find I expect it to have longevity.

Now back to the shoes…

So, there I was doing a little browser shopping (that’s window shopping but from the comfort of my sofa), when I stumbled on a pair of mirrored Missoni platform pumps that included their signature zigzag weave along the bottom.

Stylish investmentAt first glance you might say, “Alexis, these shoes are insanity.  You’ve lost me.”

But, allow me to explain the beauty of them:
– The mirrored/metallic upper is a great neutral and the woven multi-color part includes a plethora of colors.  So they go with a lot of different looks.
– The zigzag pattern is the cornerstone of the Missoni house, giving me a signature piece without being so in your face that it looks like I am a label junkie.
– They make a serious statement.  And shoes are a great place to make a statement.  I can easily pair these with a more subdued outfit, and suddenly I have created a look.

So I bought them.

And let me tell you something… They are insanely, insanely comfortable.  I know.  Everyone always argues with me when I say that about a shoe that is over 4 inches (let alone the 5 ½ inches I think these are).  But they really are.  My proof?  I wore them while toting around the baby who is now pushing 15 lbs! (Watch for them in a future outfit post…)

stylish investment : missoni pumps

Tell me, what do you look for when you make a stylish investment?


  1. I can only say YES! Major shoegasm right now.
    Thank you for this shoe porn. I love love love these!

  2. I’m super glad you got these! One must get right back on the fashion wagon, lol {I know from experience–not childbirth, but other trama, haha}. I just got 2 pair of metallic shoes this week, although sadly my DVF lucite heels are a bit more stripper than chic, so those may go back…
    xo Mary Jo

  3. As long as you like them I say that’s all that matters! I think they look amazing, and like a mirrored style shoe. Wow, 5″ heels, yes, you are a fabulous momma! As for selected investment pieces I look for versatility and quality. can’t wait to see you style them in a post! x/Madison

  4. These are awesome! I absolutely ‘invest’ in special pieces that I know I’m going to love season after season.

  5. Anyone who thinks those shoes are insanity is insane. They are clearly awesome. 😀

  6. For a pair of shoes that look exactly like the ones you’re wearing. The are adorbs. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  7. Love them – and I know what you mean, anything stacked is comfortable – it’s when you toe is directly on the ground that it’s painful. Every gold and silver shoe has been the best things I’ve bought so yay! for you!. Also they are very subtle with the zip zags and the tone of gold

  8. They look awesome! What a purchase! I love the neutral mirrored effect, they’ll go with everything and the signature stripes on the platform instantly screams Missoni. It’s encouraging to hear that they’re comfortable. Often people think all high heels are really uncomfortable but you’ve just proven that’s not always the case. I’m going to pop over to The Outnet now and have a browse :).

  9. I have quite a few 5.5 inch heels that are super comfortable so, I believe you. I think everyone should invest in one or two statement pieces whether jewelry, handbags, or shoes. Life is too short to be boring :)

  10. I think they’re beautiful!

  11. They are beautiful, Alexis!

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