Modern Linen Pants

Besides the occasional pair of jeans around the apartment, I have worn pants a total of one time since moving to Singapore.  And it was horrible.  Seriously, I sweat so badly I had to peel them off me when I got home (and they were already skinny jeans so you can imagine how that process went!).  It is just so insanely humid and it is taking some time to adjust (with my luck as soon as I adjust we will have to move again and this time to some wintery climate!).

Needless to say, skirts, shorts and dresses have replaced the pant.  But the thing is- I like pants.  Let’s be honest, the right pair of pants can do wonders for one’s ass-ets.  And I want/need that!  So now I am on the hunt for a summery pant.

Of course the moment I think summer and pant I think linen.  Unfortunately linen pants don’t always conjure up the most modern or urban image for me.  And those are two adjectives I want out of my summer pants.

So when I stumbled across Vince’s current offerings I was pleasantly surprised.  The linen pants have an edge to them that isn’t forced.  In fact they offer just the right amount of nonchalance cool that I’ve been looking for.

Take a look for yourself:

linen pants

Vince Linen Pants:
Pleated Linen Pants in Navy
Crossover Linen Pants in Olive
Linen Jogger Pants in Black
Solid Strapping Linen Pants in White


What are your thoughts on linen pants?  And how do you wear pants when the mercury rises?


  1. Linen pants are the best! But I totally agree, I haven’t worn them in ages because of these same reasons. I do have a ton of linen shirts and skirts though. Loving these options and I will definitely keep an eye out now.

  2. That humidity must be so hard for you! Well linen pants sound like a great idea! I picked up a pair of thin soft tangerine straight leg pants that have somehow some pillow to them too– and practically live in them–such a nice change from skinnies. I think you should go for it!

    p.s. Icy? I see you in Russia when you mentioned that, lol.

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Linen is actually one of my favourite fabrics, especially for summertime. It’s such a versatile material! I love the first two styles!/Madison

  4. Those linen pants are SO cute! Love the navy :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I love Linen pants, but with our summer heat the only time I get to wear them is when we get lucky break & some evenings are cooler. I live my summer in light summer dresses or shorts. I love all the 4 pairs.

  6. Haha I have had EXACTLY the same skinny jeans situation here, it is just awful no?! Loving these linen beauts, great find. Those white ones are especially gorgeous. Can you get them here in SG??

  7. Linen pants are a must in summer. I love jeans and I practically live in them, but you can’t resist in jeans in our climate. Love the khaki pair above.

  8. Oh I want that crossover olive pair!

  9. There’s nothing more beachy and perfect for summer than a trusty pair of linen trousers. Although they’re pants, the light fabric and loose cut of these babies will keep you cool in even the hottest weather. You don’t have to visit the Bahamas in order to wear these, though: Linen pants are comfortable and classic, yet fashion-forward, making them the perfect bottoms for a college setting.

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