Stepping In The Closet

DeerIf you’ve been reading North On Harper for a long time, or even just picked it up in the last couple of posts, then you know I have an obsession with all things related to your closet.  From looks into celeb closets and dream closets, to a step-by-step guide to organizing your closet and most recently, the 10 Closet Commandments. Yes, I have an obsession with closets.

Well now it’s your turn.  If you read this blog- be you blogger, non-blogger, male, female, have a giant room-sized closet or share a shelf with three other people,  I want to see inside your closet!  So this is an invitation to partake in a new series called In The Closet.

What do I need from you?  You must have the willingness to share at least one photo of your closet in all its glory (from the most perfectly edited to the bursting at the seams) with the NoH community and to answer to my interview questions.

That’s it!  This is a series that I want to share off and on moving forward, so really the more the merrier in terms of participants!  If you are interested shoot me an email at alexis[at]northonharper[dot]com!


I can’t wait for you to join me, In The Closet!


  1. This sounds like a great concept feature. If only I had my gigantic dream closets! Have a great weekend. :-)

  2. I have a little thing for closet too Alexis, although I am a little shy to share my own closet. But I am anxious to see others. **side eye** hope you don’t mind thatI prefer to be a spectator instead of a participant.

  3. I have a beautiful closet Jeff built for me. That is when it is closed! It is all color-coordinated, but quite overcrowded due to the fact that there is everything in there from the days when I was skinny to now. Hope springs eternal…

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