The 10 Closet Commandments

Something I appreciate about creating a personal aesthetic is that it is a task we are always growing at.  What we were when we were 3 probably doesn’t reflect much of our current wardrobe (apparently I owned a purple raincoat that never left my body.  I also recall having super girl pajamas that I liked to wear under said raincoat…).  But while style and consequently our closets are evolving, there are certain fashion rules that can carry through.  I am calling this list the 10 Closet Commandments.  I looked into getting them etched on stone tablets, but realized the process would eat too far into my shoe budget!

10 Closet Commandments

The 10 Closet Commandments:

1.  Thou shall keep your closet organized.

2.  Thou shall try a new combination of pieces at least once a week.

3.  Thou shall clean out the closet regularly of unworn items. (donate or store)

4.  Thou shall only make purchases that contribute to your wardrobe. (purchase with a purpose)

5.  Thou shall invest in pieces that will last.

6.  Thou shall keep trendy temporary pieces to a minimum. (pick a number & stick to it)

7.  Thou shall take care of your clothing. (altering, resoling, etc.)

8.  Thou shall keep a list of items you need. (helping to cut down on impulse shopping!)

9.  Thou shall check the mirror before leaving the house. (just because an outfit is tried and true, doesn’t mean it will work forever)

10.  Thou shall create a wardrobe that reflects you. (you are more than a trend)



What do you think of my 10 Closet Commandments List?  What would you add?


  1. I agree with all of these Alexis, as I feel they are all generally important anyway. Especially #7 & 10. Although, #10 sums it up though, your clothing has to be YOU … expressing yourself, otherwise why even buy it or wear it? /Madison :)

  2. Funnily enough I just had a friend over the other day for a story I’m writing – she’s a fashion therapist – and she helped me order things into colour and it really made a lot of difference. Also chuck out a whole bunch of jeans that will never fit again sadly…
    I pride myself on being a samurai shopper but really I’m a blamange and way too suggestible which is why I have a bright pink pleated dress which I will never never wear…

  3. Oh my, Oh my Alexis I think I will have to steal your 10 Closet Commandments and add to my presentation when consulting a prospective client. The closet org is detrimental. I offer a service with GBF&Co. Much as I hate to admit, this is where I personally fall short. Although I use the excuse that my wardrobe is much larger than the average women. hmmm… Now that I say it out loud more reason to follow your commandment number 1. We will make that a work in progress. Of course Commandment 10 is what we GBF&Co is all about. Self expression is so essential to us as women. Number 6 I agree with but I have to honest I don’t but the upside is fashion is evolutionary. LOL the trend will return sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing these great commandments!

  4. I need to start living by these commandments I think, very wise words indeed – shame you couldn’t get the stone tablets, haha.

    Ugh, sorry to hear about you being trapped indoors with the smog, must be so hard with a little one. Hope it gets better soon, my lungs have had enough!

  5. Such great advice Alexis! I’ve been guilty of too many purchases without a purpose in the past, and that’s one thing I’ve been working on the past year.

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I completely relate your your list, Alexis! I’m happy to report that over the past years I’ve become a smart shopper (shop with a purpose, only if i really really love the item) and I’ve realized that I find more joy in wearing my clothes now than ever before (I had my days, or better said years, of impulsive shopping).

  7. Is that a picture of your own closet?

    I agree with all of the commandments except for possibly the one about throwing out clothes. Sometimes we’re a little quick to donate or throw out our old clothes. It maybe just that you’ve fallen out of love or forgotten how to wear it which then I’d suggest you try and work it back into your wardrobe and experiment with it or even seek some advice. If it’s seen better days and is worn or has holes in then yeah it’s definitely one to chuck out.

  8. I agree with all of those! I probably need to do a lot more of no. 3 😉

  9. Hi! I agree with your commandments. All of them make sense and are practical. Thanks btw for dropping by my blog and for commenting. Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Take care :)

  10. I think this are all so good! My closet state at the moment is so bad. Its unorganized, messy, and housed with a bunch a stuff I don’t know what to do with. :-( I’m trying to be better about shopping & trying to invest more in quality and stop being so focused on quantity.

  11. I’m really bad about #7…

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