As Life Scoots By…

Now that the air has cleared up in Singapore (fingers crossed it isn’t just a temporary stay!), I’ve taken to sitting outside and people watching.  Now I don’t like to be in the intense sun with the baby, so I have discovered some great little spots with the right amount of vegetation to guard us from the sun and the streets.

One of my favorite locations is in front of School Of The Arts Singapore (aka SOTA).  There is a beautiful giant tree there and the central location means loads of people walk by.

I’ve been staking out the location in hopes of bringing you some Singapore Street style.  And I will absolutely share some of my finds in the future.  But today I had another photo I had to share.

razor scooter singapore

This couple on their Razor Scooters.  Now I am not sure if this was part of a clever first date or their regular means of transportation.  Either way, they put a smile to my face.  Not something you see too often!


Don’t you just love people watching?!  Aren’t we a fantastically interesting bunch of creatures?


  1. We are indeed :-) I agree people watching *is* fascinating. (And I’m so glad the air is better!)

  2. Wow, it has been ages since I rode a scooter, lol. For a second, I totally thought that was you on the scooter! I love people watching, and I always see such interesting things happen. :) Hope you’re keeping cool!

  3. Such a cute photo! I hope your July is off to a great start Alexis–the School of Arts probably provides some interesting people watching :)
    xo Mary Jo

  4. I love people watching :) Such a great photo!

  5. I love people watching! We used to go to the mall & people watch while rating peoples outfits when I was a teen. This one older lady used to win the most “points” every weekend!

  6. People watching, yes, I like to do that too. :) We are indeed fascinating creatures. :) Lovely photo!

  7. People watching can be really fun. I haven’t seen razer scooters in I dont know how long how cool. :) Can’t wait to see more photos.

  8. Ooh I haven’t been there yet, I must go check out this spot for some people watching – I love a good dose of that too! Loving these scooters also, great in SG actually, much cooler than walking around ha. Sorry I’ve just seen your last comment, was hiding in the spam folder for some reason… Not sure re Wishbone chairs here but will let you know once I track ’em down!

  9. Great picture! They seem so free. . . .

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