Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny Jeans

There has been a war brewing in the house of Denim.   Yes, there are always spats: shorts vs. skirts, dark wash vs. bleached—but the true war is Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny Jeans.

Now I wear both.  Admittedly in my wardrobe, the boyfriends were limited to super casual wear and the skinnies were my true go-tos.  However, recently (in the wake of my break from the New Mom Uniform) I’ve been finding new ways to wear my boyfriend jeans.

And with that the inspiration for this post: Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny Jeans!  Here are two looks.  Each with the same top, but one paired with boyfriends the second with skinnies and styled accordingly.  The goal was to style looks that could be worn in similar settings.

Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny JeansThoughts on The Boyfriend Jeans:

I really like the relaxed feel of this look.  The boyfriend jeans* are a lighter wash with some whiskering.  I added a frayed, wider olive canvas belt and a pair of brown sandals, with a stiletto heel.  Important to making this look work is the tucked in top.  This gives my figure the definition that it would otherwise lose with the wider jeans.  I was super comfortable in this look and loved the laidback cool feel of it.

*Technically I did not buy the specific “boyfriend” jeans cut.  They just never seemed flattering on me!  Instead, I bought these Madewell Skinny Skinny jeans, 3 sizes larger than my normal size and achieved the look I was going for!

Boyfriend Jeans vs Skinny JeansThoughts on The Skinny Jeans:

The skinnies and this look is a favorite of mine.  The top is airy and feels light against the dark fitted denim.  Unlike the boyfriends, I went with an only partially tucked shirt to play up the lightness.  I paired it with a skinny belt and metallic wedges.  These elements support the polished overall feel but still work with the daytime summer aesthetic I was going for.

Now I want to hear from you: Boyfriends or Skinnies?  Which is your go-to look or do you wear a bit of both?


  1. I’m more of a skinnies gal myself but am loving both these looks on you!

  2. I think you look good in both, but the skinnies are pretty perfect on you. Skinnies are my go-to jeans as well, even though I do have a pair of actual b/f jeans that I love. But the skinnies get worn all the time back in the states. I almost died when I wore them the other day in the Singapore heat, lol.

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  3. I have only about two or so pairs of boyfriend jeans, I just prefer skinny at the moment. What a great shot of you smiling, love that last pic! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the bday wishes. xx/Madison

  4. You look adorable in those skinnies! It’s so hot here I haven’t had my skinnies on for awhile and alternate between loose denim wide legs and boyfriends, but am mostly in a maxi state of mind these days :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Alexis!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Love both looks! Actually I usually go for the boot cut and the boyfriend jeans. . .more relaxed life of mine. . . .BUT I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans a month ago. . .and I totally fell in love with them. Now, when we have date night. . .they are my go to jeans. You are teaching me to mix it up!! I’m learning. . .promise:)

  6. I think the skinnies look great on you. But I slightly prefer the look of the boyfriend jeans to be honest. But I think you’re in a fortunate position where either look amazing on you so you’re really spoilt for choice. Me personally, I tend to wear a slim fit rather than a skinny as sometimes they can be a bit ‘too’ tight on my legs but a slim fit still gives me a great silhouette.

  7. I think both these looks work great for you! I’m not much of a skinny jeans person, mainly because I don’t have the figure for it :(

  8. I wear both, though with my lifestyle the boyfriends make the most sense. I do love heels as well – though again, boots and flipflops/flats just work out better in daily life!

  9. Love them both and wear both styles myself.

  10. That’s a tough choice, personally I’m more partial to skinny’s but boyfriend jeans have their place in my heart too.

  11. I like both looks on you. When you wrote (with the boyfriends) you bought skinnies 3 sizes larger, I thought : “aha, that is why they are different from mine” . As you say, this workes fine. You did a good job with the styling. !My compliments. Amazing to think you are a mom.
    I have to wear fitted jackets with boyfriend jeans and longer tops with skinnies as I don’t have your perfect body. I have no hipsand no bum. Don’t get me wrong, I can handle it eaily.

  12. I wear my boyfriend jeans almost daily. They’re definitely part of my work from home uniform, and they’re dressed enough for running errands, but I rarely wear them for anything other than grocery shopping. For weekends and evenings I definitely pull out the skinny jeans, though I’ve gained weight recently and they don’t look quite as good on me as they did. Sigh. You, by contrast, look fabulous! I definitely like the skinny jeans on you because you have such a nice figure and they really flatter you.

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