Reimagining The New Mom Uniform

It has been a little over a month since I came clean about my struggle with the New Mom Uniform (see my shame HERE).  And fortunately creating that post was just the kick I needed to get back on track!  I haven’t worn the uninspired look since, but I have used it as a base in creating more stylish option.  In my quest to reimagine the mom uniform, I thought it time I share a bit of my progress—and what better way than with an outfit post?!

Reimagining  The Mom Uniform

Yes- I am wearing the same jersey skirt and my hair is up in a bun—but the look feels new and much more polished with 3 easy changes:

1) I Accessories!  The headband makes my hair look less like an after thought and more of a conscious decision.  Paired with the oversize clutch, adds detail and visual interest to the look.
2) Heels!  Heels can elevate any look.  Admittedly they aren’t the most conducive for running after the baby, but for running around town they work just fine.  Besides, I don’t tend to wear shoes when playing on the ground anyways…
3) Color!  I turned in my drab t-shirt and instead wore a silk turquoise shell.  Now I definitely believe there is a place for t-shirts, but this isn’t it.  Plus this option works even better in the heat.

Reimagining the mom uniform 2

Reimagining The Mom Uniform 3

The Pieces:
Braided Headband— Henri Bendel (similar available HERE)
Silk Tank— French Connection (similar available HERE)
Mini Skirt— H&M (similar available HERE)
Oversized Clutch— Jimmy Choo (similar available HERE)
Heeled Sandals— NineWest (similar available HERE)

Reimagining The Mom Uniform 4


What do you think of my reimagining of the new mom uniform?


  1. Well-chosen accessories can work wonders. I love the colour palette. You look so chic!

  2. Beautiful :-) Honestly you look like a Greek Goddess in that headband! {Serious – my first thought when I saw that headshot on facebook :-)

  3. If this isn’t inspiration to get out of yoga pants, I don’t know what is! :)

  4. Happymother says:

    I agree with Lisa: the Greek Goddess- my first impression too! I like the colors- you look very modern!

  5. Monica McKellar Marshall says:

    You are too chio!!! Love the look. You have become more beautiful as a mother.

  6. You are a MUCH more chic mom than I was when mine were babies, but those shoes will be a bit rough during the toddler years. On the other hand, are you sure you had a baby? You looks as slim as you did pre-baby! You’re absolutely radiant.

  7. Well done Alexis! You’re looking lovely! I’m happy that you’ve managed to re-define the mom uniform into something that stays true to the fashion goddess inside of you but at the same time isn’t too fussy. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

  8. Now this is such a stylish look with the addition of the clutch and headband! You look great Alexis, and there’s nothing better than wearing a comfortable knit and silk! Happy weekend. /Madison

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Alexis! You look amazing, I don’t believe that you just had a baby :-) I DM’d you on Twitter with my email, let’s catch up!! I want to hear about Singapore.

  10. I think you look great way to change it up :)

  11. This messy bun is so much cooler. And I definitely agree with you that the touch of bright color makes this outfit shine even though it’s not that different from the previous look. You look wonderful!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  12. Looks like you are looking for a look that is functional, weather appropriate yet chic. I would highly recommend the brand Free People Alexis. The print and silhouette are chic but very mommy friendly with respect to movement and flow. Doll you don’t have to wear heels there are so many cute flats and sandals that can be worn. You are so model thin you can virtually wear anything. Honey I am not opposed of the top knot girl you better work it while it is still on trend. Doesn’t look like you are much into accessories. I would love to see you in a vintage inspired earring. Stay inspired you know I am all about the Fashion Therapy!

  13. LOVE IT!!!! But you knew I would. Love these pieces on Mom wear. They are helping me out more than you know:) Thanks for sharing!

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