Hong Island, Thailand

I’m back!!!!!!  Thailand was amazing and I am feeling refreshed and renewed and all the other amazing stuff you hope to achieve on a vacation.  We interacted with elephants, enjoyed lots of food, visited the spa and much more.  One of my favorite activities was our visit to Hong Island.  We spent the day kayaking (we traveled around the whole island!), snorkeling (saw a parrot fish!) and lounging on the beach (I fell asleep!).  And, just as I’d hoped, it offered a load of beautiful imagery.  Of course I have to share some of the photos with you…

Hong Island


Hong Island


Hong Island

I loved the different shades of blues throughout the water, the greens in the foliage, and the vibrant colors on the boats.  The islands in the area are characterized by their vertical cliffs, but instead of being imposing the lush landscape and beautiful beaches make them the idyllic escapes (it is no wonder the move The Beach was filmed in the region!).   We traveled by speed boat to the island, but another popular means were these long boats that seemed to enrich the overall aesthetic.

Tell me, do you have any travel planned for the last few weeks of summer?


  1. Yes! So happy to see you went to Thailand and enjoyed it so much. I hope it was the perfect mini vacay for the three of you. Beautiful photos, luv!

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  2. These are certainly fantastic captures, such beautiful landscape. So glad that you enjoyed yourself and well rested. :-) xx/Madison

  3. I just love, love Thailand! Is this near Phuket? We are attending a beach wedding in Krabi in October and I am beyond excited!
    Oh and I happen to be going to your husband’s workplace with a few friends on Saturday during the day. Let me know if you happen to be around then!

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  4. Wow! Your photos are beautiful. What a place to see and experience. Sounds like your vacation was wonderful, as it should be. No traveling anytime soon, for us. Just trying to get setting in this new place :)

  5. Alexis, your photos make me miss the seaside even more. And the most important thing is that you had such a great time. We hope to get away before the summer is over, but I won’t mind if we leave on vacation in September either. The truth is I’ve always preferred September for holiday.

  6. Beautiful!!!! So glad you enjoyed your trip! We have plans to drive somewhere relatively close for our final hurrah! next week. . .though we haven’t narrowed it down yet. . .I’m thinking a beach will probably be involved. . . .

  7. Breathtaking!

  8. Stunning photos, it sounds like you had an amazing time. Everyone I know that’s been to Thailand has said nothing but great things about the place.

  9. I love all the images from your trip!

  10. Beautiful! Thailand has always been on my must go list :-)

  11. Happymother says:

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a really nice and relaxing holiday!

  12. Wow amazing! You are making life long memories. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow, how gorgeous is that area… Thanks for showing me that side of the world.. beautiful

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