Taking Time For Family (Photos)

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As a blogger I take millions of photographs— all the time.  And not just for my blog, but for other projects/jobs, as well as personal photos of family and friends.  This is always a lot of fun for me and I love looking back at past moments.  The one drawback is either my husband or I are the ones taking the photos.  Which means we rarely have shots of us together.  This is even more of an issue now that we have the little one- there is so much I want a record of!

I know what you are thinking: just hire someone to take some family photos!  Well, easier said than done.  See, I am wildly picky.  Painfully.  And I am not a fan of traditional staged photos (for any major event—even our wedding photos have a slightly more candid feel to them).  I like to get a peek into someone’s reality and I want to capture a moment of life.  Call me a voyeur, but I love for photos to feel personal.  Needless to say your average photo studio wasn’t going to work for me.

Fortunately I found photographer Paulo Legaspi.  From the start Paulo and I were on the same page when it came to the overall feel of the shoot.  He had a great eye and was beyond easy to work with.  We shot this past Saturday in The Spice Garden at Fort Canning.  It was a beautiful morning and for Lukus, the baby and I it was really like a normal play day in the park.  Okay, maybe normal for say the Stefani-Rossdale clan or some other family used to paparazzi capturing their personal moments…

Here are some of the black and white images:

Family photos 1

Family photos 2

Family photos 3

Family photos 4

Seriously, though- we are thrilled with the outcome of the shoot!  We definitely now have a record of this moment in our lives.  Only problem: deciding which shots to frame!  Honestly these are just a couple of my favorite images- take a peek at some of the color photos on Paulo’s blog HERE (while you are there be sure to check out some of his other photography- love the photos from his trip to Sri Lanka!).


Tell me- how do you capture moments in time with your family and/or friends?  What do you think makes a good photo?




  1. LOVE THEM ALL!!! The ones on the website are as good or better. Of course, we all have our favs. Why oh why did you ever make me meet her? I guess I should be mad at Sher and Horst since they started this whole thing… 😉

  2. Gorgeous photo!! Beautifully natural with loads of light and happiness.What a wonderful family – You should post more pics of yourself on your blog. Like you I like the natural photos and photographers have to be really good to do that. I know loads of families who have a hundred photos taken and they don’t like any of them. A photographer I like is coming by these parts soon and I have booked her but she said to wear all white shirts which does not seem like us at all…However I really regret not having professional photos taken when they were babies and young children though, all my snaps are fuzzy

  3. Alexis, these are so beautiful! You three look adorable together. I took a look at the coloured ones too and I can understand why you find it difficult to decide which ones to frame. I personally love the first and last ones here, the one of you and your daughter together when you look at the camera, the one with Lukus holding her up in the air and you and your husband are laughing, and the last one is so very spacial. But, really, they are all beautiful! Thank you for sharing these.

    As for what I am looking for in a photo, it’s that personal feel you mention, its ability to stir up an emotion in me. And our wedding photographer knew exactly how to capture those feelings and atmosphere, there are so few staged photos (I look my worst in those) from our wedding, most of them are so spontaneous, capturing that special moment in time.

  4. I love this! That’s the best feeling when the only problem is that you have so many great photos to choose from, lol. Well, it came out beautifully. /Madison

  5. Hey voyeur, I totally agree with you! :) Photos like these are the ones that end up looking the best. All three of you look beautiful, so it’s nice to be able to get all three of you in the shot. I need to see one with Lukas holding her with one hand like a backpack. :)

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  6. Gorgeous shots Alexis! I love the feel to these and you’re so smart to capture some images now. So many things I wish I’d taken photos of now and am so glad that you did this :)
    xo Mary Jo

  7. These photos of your family are too precious. I love the feel of them and you look so happy. The spice garden is a great place though I’ve always gotten bug bites there! I hope you’re doing well and we can do lunch some time!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  8. Such lovely images, you have a beautiful family! Thanks for the recommendation too, I’ve been on the hunt for a good photographer in Singapore, will bookmark his blog for sure. Have a fab weekend!

  9. OH MY GORGEOUSNESS!!!! So fantastic! I popped over to Paulo’s site and those were gorg too!!! My fave are you and the baby! You must put them all up!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!

  10. I’m so happy for you two!! She is absolutely adorable and you are a beautiful family! Hope you’re doing well over there Alexis — miss ya!

  11. So beautiful! I love your candid photos, and you will treasure them forever.

  12. I love these photos Alexis! I bet you guys are so glad you took them.. and just shows the love and awesomeness of your family… you will look back on these photos for years to come!

    You make it look easy, seriously!

  13. As everyone here before me has said, they are all beautiful! Cover a wall (or two!) with your beautiful family. What could be better art?

  14. Wow this looks like a love story.

  15. Wow, I love all of them. I think my favourite has to be the second one though, you should definitely have that framed. I tend to have so few photos of myself as I’m always the one taking them too!

  16. They turned out SO so beautiful lady! I can’t wait to do another shoot with our photog. My favorite ones are the the candids where we’re all laughing or smiling at each other!

  17. I couldn’t agree with you more! I love the way these photos turned out and definitely want to do the same some day when my husband and I start our family.

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