Back With A Whole New Look

If you are reading this I need to start by saying “thank you.”  Whether you are an old friend or a first time visitor to North on Harper, I am excited that you’ve stopped by.

After a 5-month hiatus I have returned!  And you may have noticed that some things have changed around here…

Jill Stuart shoes

In a way you could say that I am getting back to my roots.  North on Harper started off as a lifestyle blog and then sort of morphed into almost exclusively fashion blog.  Well, after some soul searching and life evaluation (that sounds awfully serious- it isn’t!), I’ve decided to bring back more lifestyle elements (don’t worry- fashion still makes up a large portion of this broader umbrella!).

That means moving forward you can expect a chic and fulfilling take on things worn, places seen, items consumed and life lived –with just the right amount of audacity.  North on Harper is for the reader taking bold steps in discovering their own passions and looking for a bit of inspiration to push them further.

Above you can select from four categories:

Fashion & Beauty: From runway shows to fashionable finds and even some hair and makeup along the way.

Food & Drink: Creative cocktails, favorite feasts and everything fit for consumption.

Home & Away:  Décor and interior styling and the travels and adventures that inspire them.

Mind & Body:  Content that will make you sweat, make you think or perhaps a bit of both.

…or just visit the home page and see the latest and greatest…


So— welcome!  I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of North on Harper with you!


  1. Well, hello there lady! So nice to have you back. Funny, I’ve always considered this a lifestyle blog! So, I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts. Happy New Year! xx/Madison :-)

    • Alexis Grace says:

      It’s nice to speak with you as well :)

      I’ve always considered it a lifestyle blog as well– but I wanted to clarify it with the design and description :)

  2. HappyAunt says:

    Welcome back! Always enjoyed everything you wrote about, and now with new life experiences, I’m sure your writing will reach new heights!

  3. Welcome back Alexis! We all need a little break sometimes. It will be fun to see your new posts on food and travel along with your fashion posts!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  4. Welcome back! I’m so happy to have you posting again and I look forward to the varied posts!

  5. Yay! Welcome back babe, can’t wait to see the great content you come up with!

  6. Just like my blog with different discussions. I morphed from fashion and fitness into lifestyle and music! Love the set up!

  7. Welcome back, Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store! The site looks great, by the way.

  8. Yay!! Glad you are back…

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