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Recently I received an email from a friend and reader asking for my ideal everyday bag.  I struggled with an answer, because the idea of an everyday bag is really contingent on a person’s individual lifestyle.

For instance- I have to carry around a behemoth of a bag.  After all, it has to hold not only my wallet and keys and my other small personal items, but it also has to house my camera, and diapers, and a sippy-cup, and snacks, and a change of clothes (for the little one- not me!), and wipes and did I mention diapers?

But pre-baby, there were days where a cross-body would suffice.  After all who really needs more than their id, some cash and a tube of lipstick?!  I long for those minimalist days…

Regardless of which camp you fall into, every woman needs a casual smaller black leather (or faux!) shoulder bag.  Don’t have one?  Lucky for you I’ve rounded up some of my favorite picks at different price points and different styles.

black bag edit

Starting top left is the foldover cross body bag, Cart by Monki.  A soft faux leather this one offers a bit more size than some of the others, but at a fraction of the price.  (Details HERE)

Next is the Foley + Corinna Frame Satchel is a favorite of mine.  You can either carry it by its handles or use the detachable shoulder strap.  The size is friendly for those who have a bit more to carry and the gold hardware are the perfect something extra.  (Details HERE)

Below that is the Liebeskind Aloe Cross Body Bag.  I really like this German land of handbags!  This one offers the ease of a foldover top but with a zipper.  I like the rectangular shape and the overall minimalist feel. (Details HERE)

Of course my list wouldn’t be complete without Mary Jo Matsumoto’s Mini-Crossbody Bag.  I love how classic this design is, especially the flap closure.  Because there is no hardware you don’t have to worry about matching it to any other metallics.  (Details HERE)


What do you consider the ideal everyday bag?  Are you like me carrying something that could double as a trash bag?  Or are you able to survive on little more than a credit card holder?   Which black shoulder bag is your favorite?




  1. Loving these picks! I’m a huge fan of both crossbodies and the shoulder bag. You can never go wrong with classic black!

  2. I’m still getting by with a smaller crossbody bag – as long as it is big enough for my kindle! When I need to haul my laptop around, however, I need a more strudy, spacious bag (I’m still searching for the perfect one!)

  3. That satchel bag is GORGEOUS. Love this roundup. xo, Julie

  4. I love a good black bag! I just bought a new Michael Kors one! Loving your layout! Who did it?

    Live Life in Style

  5. My little black leather wristlet holds the minimal basics to quickly run an errand, which is then tossed into the bigger bags as needed. I also travel that way…best of both worlds! Love the Foley + Corinna Frame Satchel!!

  6. I just clicked over and was drawn like a magnet to see these black bags and was completely surprised to see one of mine! You are so kind Alexis to mention it–although I can see post-baby it might not be the most practical bag, or perhaps it would since you could wear your essentials on you hands-free and carry the baby stuff in a separate tote. The frame satchel seems like a super great bag!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. A black bag is a must have on every these selection!


  8. These are gorgeous picks, as a huge fan of leather I do have two black leather bags that are my go to absolute no fail styles–one clutch style smaller one and one tote style that I carry when I travel sometimes. I think a good cross body or satchel are probably my most practical styles though.

  9. i love a great looking black bag!

  10. Everybody should have a black bag! My fave is the second one, well first line, on the right! 😉
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  11. It goes without saying that Mary Jo’s mini crossbody bag is high on my list. It will be a challenge to make the switch from my usual carry-all tote to one of those, but I’m longing for some minimalist approach as well. :) Love all your choices here, Alexis!

  12. I remember seeing a post on Grit&Glamour about what our dream bags would be and mine would have to be a Bottega. At the moment I have a black All Saints satchel that I tend to use. The leather on it is great but I wouldn’t get anything from there again and the zips broke shortly after I bought it :(.

  13. I’m a huge fan of the classic black leather bag. These options are great, especially for busy moms on the go. Although the Kid is 7, I still carry wipes, toys, books and an extra shirt almost everywhere I go.

  14. My ideal everyday bag is a brown leather crossbody! It’s good for all seasons and goes great with my college lifestyle!

    Great post!

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