Pantone Color Of The Year: Radiant Orchid

radiant orchid

By now you’ve probably heard that the Pantone Color Of The Year 2014 is Radiant Orchid.  I am equal parts excited and bummed about this.  Excited, because I do love purples.  Bummed, because I am more of a lavender fan myself (less pink, more grey).  Also, I find this color swatch confusing- the purples in the flower have much more red in them than the swatch.  Fortunately there have been lots of fun posts to inspire me (Definitely check out That’s Too Cute and Oh To Be A Muse for their roundups!).

Well the time has come for me to create my own Radiant Orchid post.  But instead of sharing all of the great finds out there, I thought I would create a look that helps you ease the trend into your wardrobe.  Specifically I wanted to create a laid-back look that you can wear out running errands.

Radiant Orchid 2

Of course the pants (HERE) are the star of this look, not only do they include radiant orchid, but the geometric print pant also is on trend.  Best part?  They are sweat pants!  And no, not the kind that you shouldn’t be seen in public wearing, but a fun pair that with the right styling are a great replacement to your everyday jeans or leggings.

I paired the look with a simple navy tee (HERE) for two reasons.  First, the pants speak loud enough!  You don’t have to go for something on top.  And second, I really like navy paired with the Radiant Orchid color.  It makes the colors scheme less juvenile and more polished (you know, if sweat pants can ever be called polished!)

The sneakers (HERE) are a direct result of my obsession with the latest Chanel Couture Collection (seriously, check it out HERE), which paired elevated sneakers with everything.  If you aren’t a sneaker fan a low bootie or even a D’orsay flat could also work.

The snake embossed gunmetal leather jacket (HERE) is a dream piece, but I think any jacket that adds texture and a bit of structure to this look would work great.  I like keeping the tone neutral so that the real color story revolves around the radiant orchid.

What about the umbrella (HERE), you ask?  Well not only is it another opportunity to introduce the Pantone Color Of The Year, but living in Singapore one thing I’ve learned is to never leave home without one.  Seriously, the moment you do you will be caught in a torrential down pour.  Even if you are caring a toddler and groceries… but I digress!


Tell me, what do you think of Pantone’s Color Of The Year?  Will you be incorporating Radiant Orchid into your wardrobe?



  1. Thanks for the mention, dear. I like that you did a post about how to wear radiant orchid. It is definitely not the easiest color to pair. :)

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  2. I’m not sure if I’d wear the pants, but I do love the upper left style. Personally, I looooove Pantone’s 2014 color. As soon as I saw I knew it was going to be a good design year 😉

  3. Alexis! I have missed you! Having a good old catch up. I LOVE this colour – hands down my favourite. I would say this is lavender wouldn’t you? Funnily enough my mother always says any kind of purple makes her feel quite angry. Last year it was emerald green which I think is quite hard to wear, but this is so soft and forgiving.

  4. That umbrella is such a breath of fresh air! I really should remember my umbrella more often, but really can’t remember it half the time! At least I usually have a hat! I adore a touch of orchid on a trim as well!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  5. Yes, I would wear this color. Probably mostly on top. I couldn’t wear it for pants. Maybe even a skirt. I am really shy at buying color and stick to lots of the same color groups. But I think this is really a pretty shade.

  6. Well I think I am more likely to wear radiant orchid than last year’s emerald although like you, I would tend to choose a softer lavender shade. That’s a fabulous umbrella to brighten up a grey UK day though!

  7. I’ve been reading about the new color of the year, and I must say thatI am not too fond of it! I prefer/deeper richer shades of purple or pink.

  8. I’m kind of excited for Pastels being the color of choice this spring! Soft and romantic. Loving this shade of purple!

    Live Life in Style

  9. Those pants are fabulous! Loving this color. xo, Julie

  10. I love your style! I don’t think patterned pants are for me, but I happen to really enjoy patterns. I like to keep my patterns up top, or in my accessories. I can totally see you wearing this entire outfit. And it’s so funny you carry an umbrella with you. My godmother always told me to carry one where ever I went, whether it was for the rain, snow or sunshine. :)

  11. I’m loving these roundups! That umbrella is so cute. I agree that the color swatch is confusing, but no matter the shade, I do love purple!

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