Pregnancy Fashion: Kerry Washington Exposed

There is always a lot of buzz about award show fashions.  And rightfully so- I mean, who doesn’t love a dramatic black tie look?  It is such a great opportunity to make a statement.  One look that generated immediate buzz following her stroll down the SAG Awards red carpet was Kerry Washington in a custom Prada pink crop top.

Let me start by saying I (and most everyone out there) think Kerry Washington is an incredibly gorgeous woman.  And she almost always looks flawless at events.  But what set the internet atwitter over this look was Ms. Washington’s exposed pregnant belly.  A Scandal, no doubt!  (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…)

Kerry, who is said to be due sometime this spring, definitely proved herself both a proud and a brave mother-to-be.   And while there is no question she has capitalized on her pregnancy glow throughout award season, I am not sure that this look ultimately worked.  My main concern however, was not the crop top itself but where the skirt cut her bump.  Aside from this critcque  the look got me thinking about general rules for pregnant fashion.

I know when I was pregnant I still did my best to look cute (well, at least when I was in public).  Initially (during the beginning stages where I may have just passed for bloated) I went with flowier options, trying to detract from to much midsection attention.  However, once my bump was defined I made the shift to more fitted looks that proudly acknowledged my growing abdomen.

Even then, there were certain articles of clothing that I no longer reached for.  Pieces I may have worn (wear) pre/post baby that I didn’t wear during my actual pregnancy.  For example I think I abandoned all shorts for skirts.  Skirts (both short and long) were just more comfortable and easier to get on and off when making the 82nd trip to the bathroom in an afternoon.

As for crop tops, while they aren’t even part of my regular pre/post natal wardrobe, the idea of wearing them pregnant petrifies me.  Sure, they offer some built in a/c (which is nice when your body seems to be holding onto all the heat in the room), but at the same time I felt extremely protective of my stomach and even the absence of just a thin piece of fabric seems much more exposing and precarious.

Clearly this is just my personal response.  So I am curious, assuming you had (whether you have, currently do, or not at all) a bun in the oven, would you wear a crop top?  Do you believe there are certain pregnancy fashion rules?  Or are you in the camp of pregnant belly (and body) pride, where everything and anything goes?

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Image via  E!Online, photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP.


  1. I think pregnant ladies should wear whatever makes them comfortable. That said, my biggest issue this outfit is that it doesn’t look comfortable – is that a red line on Kerry’s stomach where the skirt dug in while she was sitting? To me, that voluminous black skirt doesn’t pair well with the delicate top. I feel like she would have done better to wear pants with the crop top. Maybe not appropriate for the event, but a more flattering look to be sure.

  2. I think she is fabulous and I’m assuming her bump is fabulous too! So if she was going to rock her bump I would think a fitted crop that came down on the top of her belly and lowered the waist of her skirt a bit. Would have kept a continuous curve. All in all it wasn’t amazing she didn’t look proud of the belly and she didn’t look to hide it. It was some what melancholy, which is how I feel about the outfit.

  3. I had the dreaded stretch marks, but regardless of that, I was never one to show my stomach. Even at my smallest, I never wore a bikini. I liked flowing dresses, and wore pants that stayed under my belly during my pregnancy. Anything across my stomach drove me insane.
    I didn’t like how this outfit looked. I love Kerry and I love that she wore a crop top, but it just didn’t look good together. Maybe a lighter colored skirt that showed more of her belly? I feel like the skirt cut across in a way that would pull when she sat, making her uncomfortable. As far as I’m concerned, if you can wear a bikini pregnant, there’s not much that you can’t do.

  4. I think this is a very cute look for a pregnant Kerry. But like you said, I think the crop top works but not sure about where the skirt cuts off. But overall, I see no problems with this look.

    I’m not into crop tops at all, so I don’t think I would wear one pregnant or not pregnant. But if I were into them, I would hope to have the balls to pull off a look like this.

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  5. It paiiiiiins me to say this, but I don’t love it. And I love nearly everything she wear!

  6. Wears not wear. Ha!

  7. I think everyone should make their own rules. That said however, there are certain things that I find tasteless no matter what. I, for one, would never wear a cropped top if I were pregnant. There are certainly other ways to show your belly pride and still keep it so incredibly stylish and classy, like in the case of Olivia Wilde at the Golden Globes.

  8. She really pulled that off didn’t she? Wow I am in awe.

  9. Amazing. You aren’t kidding, she really is brave to bare her mid-section. I love that in a woman! We should all be more like her! Embrace our beauty!

  10. I love her!She is a great inspiration, I think.

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